Angry Muslims Shut Down OBRL Blog at

Obviously, we have reconstituted the OBRL-News blog here at
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Angry Muslims Shut Down OBRL Blog at

But OBRL-News and OBRL-Quarterly at Yahoo Groups are Unaffected.

Dear Readers and Subscribers,

The OBRL Blog at "", which posts the same information as going out through OBRL-News via Yahoo Groups, was recently shut down. Two days before it was shut down, we received several very angry emails from different Muslims, suggesting a coordinated attack. We received no inquiry or notifications from, and there was no opportunity for debate or discussion. They simply turn the switch and OBRL-blog vanished from internet. We have since learned, this is a pattern at, to shut down people’s blogs on any complaint or whim, and there is no effective way to communicate with them, nor any recourse for appeal.

This case, once again, illustrates a larger social trend, of angry and false accusations of "hate" being thrown at people who are recounting unpleasant historical facts, resulting in the obliteration of freedom of the press, and of speech. In my case, the historical facts being recounted on OBRL-News were the bloody violence of Islamo-fascism. The people objecting were self-described Muslims, but they denied any problem within Islam, and protested articles detailing Islamic violence. The final consequence in such cases is, the angry and violent ones get away with historical revisionism on a grand scale, removing all public debate about their bloody actions and history, thereby insuring that their real violence, and real hatred will continue or grow, even as dissenting voices are silenced. And once again, it turns the Constitutional protections of press and speech into mere slogans for the mighty and powerful, or something which only the authentic violent haters will enjoy. This kind of thing must be resisted and opposed, or bit by bit, we will lose what remaining freedoms we enjoy.

The Muslims were objecting to the posting of materials which detailed the many examples of Islamic terror butchery. I have posted out many such articles since 911, as readers of OBRL-News will know. (Those of you on OBRL-Quarterly will mostly be blissfully unaware of this kind of information, and so if you are interested, you should switch to OBRL-News.) The angry Muslims did not object to the butchery of innocents detailed in the article, but only to the fact that it was made public via OBRL-blog. They claimed "Islam is a peaceful religion", and declared the OBRL-News posting was "racist". My reply to them was, Islam has nearly 1400 years of non-stop violent conquest of non-Muslim peoples and land-stealing to account for. Also I told them Islam is no "race", with believers of every kind of ethnicity and skin-color from around the world. Islam was, rather, an ideology with only bare resemblance to what Western people call "religion", given how it seeks to govern and control every aspect of a person’s life, from what they read and say, to the clothes they wear, to how, when and under what circumstances they eat, go to the bathroom, have sexual relations, and even how they relate to non-believers. Islam also has totalitarian designs, it that it demands political and governmental controls, making such things obligatory upon everyone. The mosque controls both the state, and the street. There is no separation of "mosque and state" within Islamic nations. Non-Muslims living within Islam-dominated nations must also obey its major precepts, and are automatically cast into second-class or slave status. If they resist, street violence directed by mullahs is the consequence. Women within Islam, believers or not, are also basically slaves, uniformly. Islam also aims for violent world domination, as history so clearly demonstrates (consider that Arabia was the original Islamic homeland, out from which Islamic armies conquered a vast territory now under Islamic "occupation"). Some individual Muslims may be peaceful people, but this is only to the extent they reject the central violent tenets of their own Islamic doctrine — such as, Muhammed’s demand that non-believers be either converted, subjected to slavery and pay a special tax, or be killed; and that Jews and apostates be killed outright.

The angry Muslims who acted against OBRL-blog were not interested to hear any of those facts, however. But another fact is, they already knew about all of it. The only difference between me and them was, they thought all of that bloody violence and repression was a good thing, and were lying about "peaceful Islam" merely to advance Islamic agendas within the West. So their objective was, to shut down public disclosure of facts and evidence about Islam’s bloody history and totalitarian agendas. With the shutting down of OBRL-blog, which had a wide international readership, they achieved yet another small victory.

OBRL-News has always been controversial, and not just for the Islam issue. I’ve fielded angry emails from people who strongly objected to my criticisms of the HIV theory of AIDS, my postings about the routine prescribing of psychiatric drugs to children, and about the authoritarian nature of modern hospital medicine. Some "skeptics" objected angrily to factual information about Wilhelm Reich. But only with the issue of Islam has the level of anger reached to nearly violent proportions, with a boiling rage, pointed threats, screaming demands to be "removed", and the most vicious hate-mail.

Significantly and until most recently, nearly all of that angry objecting has come NOT from Muslims — OBRL-News does have a small and loyal group of Muslim subscribers, who live in the West because they prefer the safety and freedom here as opposed to the violence and repression within Islam-controlled societies. Like many, they realize the value of the OBRL-News postings critical of Islam, because they personally do not agree with such violence. But they want to know about it. Most of the venom against OBRL-News has instead come from atheistic people with hard-left socialist or communist backgrounds! Which is to say, they object to the democratic capitalist West primarily, and since violent Islamists have made open war against the West, they are in favor of the violent Islamists, and feel compelled to associate with and defend them. There also is the element of hatred of Christians and Jews, or any religious people (except Muslims), and also an Oedipal hatred of the father-figure, for which American society (under conservative leadership, at least) is a satisfactory representative. Of course, their thinking is colored by years of hard-left and pro-Islamic-terror propaganda, from writers like Chomsky, Zinn and others who are no better than the extreme right-wing Holocaust revisionists and deniers, in the depth of their own hatreds and deceptions. I once wrote an article "Masters of Deception" which got a lot of angry leftists very upset. No fact-based criticisms were received whatsoever, excepting in one case where I was tardy in providing a footnote.

Their attitude is one of "Free Speech For Me, but Not For Thee"!

In any case, if you are reading this, then the shut-down of OBRL-blog has not affected you, and OBRL-News will continue. We also maintain an updated version of OBRL-News subscriber list, so if it is ever shut down at Yahoo Groups, we can continue to post out our materials and quickly find an alternative, though it always is a time-consuming headache to make such changes. This event gives us the opportunity to rethink the value of the OBRL-blog, the amount of time required and such. A new OBRL-blog may appear with, which allows us to have direct control over everything, and which everyone I know says is run by a nicer bunch of people who truly value the US Constitution.

For the record this is the second time OBRL-News materials have been forcibly shut down by angry left-wing computer geeks. The first time was in the late 1990s, when Marxist Nietzschean Anarchist (!) working in the ISP got steamed up, and shut us down, stealing away the mailing list, upon which were posted her own venomous screeds. This time, it seems clear enough that something similar happened.

So OBRL-News continues via YahooGroups, and you are additionally referred to the OBRL-Links webpage, where the main websites for critical information about Islam (and many other considerations) are listed.

And of course, for those of you new to all of this, who still cannot understand the connections between the modern expansionist phase of militant Islam to the subject of Reich and orgonomy, please review my book "Saharasia" and other information on that topic as located here:

Thanks for your ongoing interest and support.

James DeMeo, PhD
Director of OBRL


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