OBRL-Blog Reconstituted on WordPress

Dear Subscribers,

As some or most of you know, the OBRL-Blog at Blogger.com was shut down due to a few complaints by angry Muslims, only a few weeks ago.

Because an active blog is an excellent way to spread new information into the internet, and not to be dissuaded by fascist bullies, I decided to quickly re-constitute it. Consequently, last PM I went through the process to set up a new OBRL-Blog at WordPress.com. It is actually a fairly quick and painless procedure to do it, and while I am not yet satisfied with the image or look of it, refinements will be made over the coming. The website URL is:


I have added back in all the postings from May of this year which were formerly at blogger.com, but obviously all the items prior to that date are gone from the blogosphere. However, they remain archived and fully available from the OBRL-News Yahoo-Group archive, here:


Be aware, you can also post commentary at the OBRL-Blog, so long as it is respectful and you are willing to use your real name. It is moderated, so I won’t allow hate-mail. If you get the materials from OBRL-News email via Yahoo Groups, please surf over to the OBRL-Blog and make comments there.

Those of you on OBRL-Quarterly probably won’t know much about this, as you’ve elected to not receive the more controversial materials of OBRL-News. If you change your mind about that, then you can subscribe to OBRL-News directly using the above weblink.

Thanks again for your interest and support,

James DeMeo, PhD
Director of OBRL
Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA

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