OBRL Newsletter #21, June 2009


OBRL Quarterly Newsletter #21
June 2009

New Issue Now Available for Download (<1 MB)

With photos and new information on orgone/life-energy research

From the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL) in
Ashland, Oregon, USA. http://www.orgonelab.org

Primary Contents in this issue:

1. Once Again! NOW is the Time To Register!
Conference on New Research in Orgonomy,
Wilhelm Reich’s Life-Energy Science
August 1-2, Summer 2009, OBRL Greensprings Center

2. New YouTube Videos Available for Your Viewing

Wilhelm Reich and the Orgone Energy: A Brief Introduction

John Ott: Exploring the Spectrum

3. Our 2008 Construction Projects Provide for 2009 Events

4. New Article Posted to OBRL Website:
Blue-Glowing Astronauts

5. OBRL-Quarterly Newsletter Archive

6. Experimental Notes: Update

7. Once More, About the OBRL On-Line Bookstore.

8. Please Consider Making a Donation, or Bequest in your Will

9. Due to the high costs of printing and mailing, internet and
email are today our primary communications methods.

Go here to access the full Newsletter, as well as back-issues.

Please Freely Circulate and Post This Announcement


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