Orgonite Madness Prompts More Smears Against Reich

As predicted, the distortions of Dr. Reich’s work in the “orgonite” “gifting” “holy-hand-grenade” social madness movement, have prompted mainstream journalists and bloggers to vent their spleens against Reich…. So what else is new. One side “loves” Reich and through willful distortions tears his work to shreds, while the other side “hates” Reich, and also through willful distortions tears his work to shreds. The common functioning principle of both is, the willful distortions and tearing of Reich’s work to shreds.

Meanwhile, the orgonite space cadettes who threw their stuff into the Mozambique lake, and who now are sitting in a dank prison cell, are now facing a full-blown “investigation”:

They probably aren’t aware of it, but the delay in their release is most certainly a ploy for them to generously grease the palms of the local officials. Being naive Westerners, maybe they don’t quite know as yet, but a fist-full of dollars or Euros can get you out of a lot of jams in that part of the world. Mozambique is, firstly, a deeply impoverished nation, but secondly and most importantly, it is very “socialist” and hence quite grabby when it comes to greasing the palms of their officials. I would imagine, a quiet offer to the top Justice official of around $10K would do the trick. Otherwise, they might still be there next year. A hard lesson about reality. See here:


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