(Re-Posted, from April 2008) Do we have a Cloaked Muslim as a Major Presidential Candidate?

The following item was posted to OBRL-News on blogger.com back in April of 2008. I raised it as an open question, if Obama was a cloaked Muslim. Today it seems appropriate to re-post the same item, especially since the original posting was deleted by blogger.com on the complaints of angry Muslims. J.D.


(Re-Posted, from April 2008)

Do we have a Cloaked Muslim as a Major Presidential Candidate?
James DeMeo, PhD

I’ve deliberately steered clear of making any personal commentary about the current political elections, but the evidence on this particular subject, of Mr. Obama’s Islamic connections, gets stronger every day. As a not-so-silent-observer of the current world situation, and able to make a general assessment of facial expressions relevant to character structure (ie, lying and concealment) I also find the materials which I am about to present coherent with my personal observations and gut feelings.

Basically, the evidence is now pretty strong that Mr. Barak Hussein Obama is either a closeted Muslim, a "Manchurian Candidate" whose whole persona is one of deception in order to grab power under false pretenses, or he is so far bent-over in sympathy with the Islamic causes that it practically makes no difference to the welfare and security of non-Islamic peoples the world over. His actions speak louder than words of denial, though his words are often not denials at all, but fully are in agreement with what is going to be revealed in this posting.

The mainstream media is avoiding to touch this subject, as if they knew the truth, but were deliberately concealing it out of shared sympathies — or shared hatreds of ordinary American’s healthy tendencies to reject political and religious extremists. When the question is even raised, the majority of mainstream journalists are in denial. I’ve seen them cock their head back and sneer, making derisive comments or laughter at the suggestion of Obama as a Muslim or Muslim-sympathizer, as if to bring up this question is tantamount to claiming the Earth is flat. They do the same about the greenhouse-gas theory of global warming, of course, and also when criticisms of HIV as the cause of AIDS are raised. People who raise such concerns are compared to a flat-Earth advocate, a denier of the moon-landings, or a Holocaust denier. And yet, from a purely Reichian perspective (that is what OBRL-News is about!) what does such back-arching, head-turning and sneering laughter cover up? Anxiety. And emotional denial, given the very clear media bias in favor of Mr. Obama, which the supporters of Ms. Clinton and Mr. McCain are fully aware. This same mass-media, I point out, is also generally sympathetic more to Islamic causes world-wide, and aggressively hostile towards any nation that dares to defend its very right to exist unmolested by Islamic terror, as with the USA and Israel. This does not appear to be coincidental, but appears underlain by similarities of character expression (or character armor) and emotional alliances with culture-types that are more overflooded with a hatred of life and love, than with the Western democratic home-culture which, albeit in imperfect and often damaged forms, at least offers the hope of love and a decent life for the overwhelming majority of its citizens.

Let’s also not forget, in 1940, a closeted Red Fascist sympathizer, the pro-Soviet Henry A. Wallace managed to become Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Vice President. Roosevelt changed his mind about Wallace by 1944, however, and so picked Harry Truman as his running mate for his last term in office. Roosevelt died shortly after winning the 1944 elections, however, and Truman became the next president, instead of Wallace. Wallace later exposed his hard-left views publicly, as editor of the left-wing New Republic magazine (which printed the infamous Brady articles smearing Wilhelm Reich), finally running for president in what was the CP-USA’s front organization, the Progressive Party. Wallace eventually sank from public view, and finally gave an unbelievable mea-culpa in 1950, claiming he was now an anti-communist and simply did not know about "Stalin’s excesses", when every other honest liberal knew of the COMINTERN’s bloody crimes since the 1930s. It is hard to say how events would have unfolded if Wallace had become president of the USA. He had publicly announced to include Harry Dexter White and Lawrence Duggan into his cabinet, both of whom were later exposed as Soviet spys. Most certainly a Wallace presidency would have taken a communist-sympathetic attitude towards Soviet and Red Chinese aggressions in both East Europe and Asia, and today we would have a completely different world map, probably with the territory occupied by democracy and freedom being much more contracted in size.
How would a closeted Muslim President behave today? At minimum they could salt up the State Department, Pentagon and other executive branches with politically-correct and multicultural Islam-sympathetic personalities, or so-called "moderate Mullahs" engaged in Takiya (deception of the infidel) at this same time when the Islamic world is committing terrorist acts daily and globally, and is both energized and outward-pushing. Authentic critics of Islam would be silenced. Etc. It is not a small question, and honest people will want to know what I might be speaking about in the way of hard evidence. This is not something I would bring up merely on the basis of "empty opinions" which are a dime a dozen, but is based upon having a clear view of the Islamic world, and some knowledge of world history, how political fanatics conceal their real goals and infiltrate under a cloak.

With this in mind, I provide the following list of articles and links taken from both conservative and liberal news sources. Individually, they could be ignored. Taken together, they provide an alarming view. Review them, and do with the information as you feel best. This material speaks to questions far more devastating than the usual claims of a politician engaged in shady big-money deals, which possibly all the major candidates have their share of — including Mr. Obama, but I deliberately do not include any of that here. My concern is foremost the issue of Islam, which I have become convinced, on the weight of evidence, is not any "religion" as we in the West have come to view it, but rather is an extremist and totalitarian political ideology bent upon world-conquest, similar to Nazism or Communism. And like Nazism and Communism, Islam has its share of deliberate deceivers and sneaks whose goal is to soften down the discussion, to blot out open consideration of their crimes and goals, and to make ridicule of those who raise the "wrong" questions. In this sense, if a candidate was a cloaked Nazi, or a Stalinist, people have a right to know. And if the ordinary news sources are deliberately blotting out this evidence, out of stupidity or ignorance or whatever, then those who know about it have a duty and responsibility to their fellows to make that evidence known. Whether you agree or disagree with my assessment of Islam is less the point, than the fact that this person of unquestionable Muslim family background appears to be concealing his current Islamic beliefs and connections, as well as his connections to Islam-friendly and very racist (against whites) "black liberation theology" which is a hideous corruption no better than old white racism of the Ku Klux Klan variety — Mr. Obama is deliberately down-playing and obscuring those connections, and sometimes over-reacting when confronted with the facts, as in the variation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet quotation: "methinks he doth protest too much". But, then, my strong views and concerns either sink or swim based upon the facts, as given below. Review them and make up your own mind.

I will try to stay away from these politically-related issues, but felt it was important to make this accumulated material better known. Hopefully, at least some components of the MSM will start to do their job, and the facts can emerge and be openly debated in the rough-and-tumble confrontations which, for better or worse, have come to characterize the American political landscape. I won’t have time to engage in any debates or discussion on this, but readers are free to post their comments and have a debate (moderated, so be clear and kind) at the OBRL-blog. https://obrlnews.wordpress.com



Obama favors an unholly alliance between Marxism and Islam
http://globalpolitician.com/24434-obama-elections-marxist-islam This article is very comprehensive, with web links and citations to original but very scattered-around news sources. Here is a topical list of the links, but you should go to the original weblink (above) for more details:

In "Obama’s Muslim connection"I wrote, that Obama’s foreign policy favours accommodation to Islam. Here’s more information about the Democrats’ likely nominee:

1 He surrounded himself with advisers who believe that US foreign policy is controlled by Jews and this must end.

2. Obama plans to organize a Muslim summit

3. Obama Defends Columbia’s Ahmadinejad Invite

4. Obama; I Would Still Meet With Ahmadinejad

5. Obama: Don’t Stay in Iraq Over Genocide

6. Barack Obama Would Let Shoaib Choudhury Die

7. "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds change in an ugly direction". BARACK OBAMA from The Audacity Of Hope which is titled in Indonesia "Assault Hope: From Jakarta To The Whitehouse"?. It is arguable that "Assault Hope" means "Jihad".

8. Obama’s Nation of Islam Staffers

9. Obama Served On Board That Funded Pro-Palestinian Group

10. Obama – Rezko – Auchi – Saddam Hussein?

11. Obama’s Church Gives Platform to Hamas Terrorists, Questions Israel’s Legitimacy

12. Obama absented himself from the Senate when Senate names Iran’s army "terrorist organization" but later said he was opposed.

13. Obama’s Iraq War

14. "Bomb Pakistan"

Other major articles:

Is Mr. Obama a closeted Muslim?



Obama and Islam


Obama’s Grandmother Changes Islam Story


Obama’s 20-Years Minister’s Hatred of America, "God Damn America", Etc.






Obama Knew of Minister’s Hatreds, maybe shares them?


Oprah Winfrey was a member of the same church, but quit years ago, and then was publicly denounced by the hate-speech minister


Obama stayed in a hate-America, hate-Jews sermon, didn’t walk out, and nodded in agreement


Other Ministers Note the Long-Term White-Hatred


Obama Dodges Farrakhan Issue


Obama worked with terrorist

Senator helped fund organization that rejects ‘racist’ Israel’s existence


Terrorists Rooting for Obama


Obama raised funds for Islamic causes

Speeches for Palestinian refugees called code for Israel’s destruction


Obama’s Support for Islamic Sharia Law in Kenya

(Info begins near bottom of first page)


Investigate Barack Hussein Obama’s Kenyan Connections!


Muslim’ photo raises Obama connection questions

Linked to opposition leader who admitted plans for Islam


Obama’s shifting positions


Obama and the FARC terrorists


Obama’s Syrian Connection


Obama concealing anti-Israel sentiments


Another Obama Black-Racist Pastor


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