For the Greeks and Armenians: America, America, by Elia Kazan

America, America, by Elia Kazan

A very worthwhile film, to let you know what daily life was like living under the Ottoman Turks, the institution of dhimmitude laid bare.

This film is a response to all the Islam-apologizers who like to claim that Muslims were “gentle” with the infidels who lived under their “protection”. What revisionist deception! And for the Jews under the Ottomans, it was far worse than what’s depicted in this film. Hollywood HATES this film, by the way, because it lays bare many of the Big Lies they tell in all their other films. It is a nearly-forgotten masterpiece, but you cannot get it on DVD.

Google Video carries it for a free download. Be sure to use a fast download link and a video recording software so you can save it and show to friends.

I suggest to also get the books of Andrew Bostom and Bat Ye’or, who have brought the authentic history of dhimmitude under Islamic totalitarianism back into our knowledge.

English language with Greek subtitles. Enjoy.

Hat-tip to Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs, for the alert on this item.


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