The Obama Cairo Speech

The Obama Cairo Speech

Several persons wrote to ask what I thought about the Obama Cairo speech.  I saw only snippets, not having time to view the whole thing, but read a transcript of it. While there were a few sentences I agreed with, and was glad to hear him say in front of a Muslim audience, they were typically too little, and too lacking in emphasis or passion to elicit any emotional affect from an audience basically hostile to the West. They were, instead, hungry for something that would show Obama held a basic emotional alliance with the Muslim world. And he did not disappoint.

 In short, it struck me as naive posturing littered with falsehood, terrible revisionist history, inaccurate attribution of the accomplishments of non-Muslims to the Muslim world, appeals to Islamic narcissism with disastrous moral equivalency, and a basic appeasement to violent terrorism and totalitarian dictatorships bent upon destruction and conquest of the non-Islamic world.  As I noted in an OBRL-News item in April of last year, he is so extremely friendly to Muslims and Islamic causes, that he may as well be a Muslim.  I note, he now suddenly uses his middle name “Hussein”, and admits his grandmother is Muslim, not Christian.  During the election, if you said that, you’d be accused of being a “right-wing extremist”.

However, I am really more concerned about how the Muslim World viewed the Obama speech.  What are THEIR reactions to it. 
However, I am really more concerned about how the Muslim World viewed the Obama speech.  What are THEIR reactions to it. 

What practical consequences will come from this?   We do know that on the day after his speech, the Egyptian government — carried away with Obama-bliss — passed a law forbidding the marriage between Egyptians and Israelis.  Basically, this is yet another an anti-Jewish law, similar to the old Nazi ones banning marriage between Jews and Germans.  It is typical of the Islamic world to have such laws, and Jews are forbidden to live, own land, hold jobs, travel and so forth, across the Muslim world with few exceptions. But to have such a law passed just AFTER the Obama speech is telling.  This suggests, the Egyptians believe his speech was a green light to become even MORE anti-Jewish and aggressive.

We also have new calls from the Saudi King, blasting the Israelis and demanding that the USA “cut off all aid” to Israel unless it accepts their “peace plan” which has been correctly characterized as the “Israeli Suicide Plan” — it basically demands a full capitulation by the Israelis on everything, and virtually nothing from the Palestinians or themselves, other than vague pledges to “be nice”.  And if the Israelis roll back their borders, yet again, then “suddenly” the Muslim world will demand, that’s not enough!  The terror bombers will start up again (did they ever stop?) but then against a contracted, indefensible set of Israeli borders.  Israel would then descend into the same bloody chaos as happened in the (former) Christian enclave of Lebanon, following the intrusion of angry Syrian, PLO and Hezbollah Muslims demanding the “return of our lands”  in Lebanon.  Of course, very few making this demand had ever set foot in Lebanon previously, nor had anyone from their ancestry.  It was just another Islamic land-grab cloaked as “the right of return”.  Again, this comes AFTER the Obama speech indicating the Saudis feel, “Obama is on our side!  Let’s sharpen our swords and go get the Jews!!”  There is no sense, of “let us reason together”.  That concept is decided Western, born from generations of live-and-let-live attitudes found only in democratic and emotionally-sexually free social structures.  The fact that Obama bowed to the Saudi King (something not ignored in the Muslim world, BTW) only adds to their perception that he is basically “one of them”, and far less on the side of America or other world democracies.

MEMRI does a good job summarizing Muslim reactions globally:

I expect much more along these lines, with the Muslim world being more energized and animated to show their rage and muscle against non-believers.  Obama has given them a “green light” in yet the second or third major speech “to the Muslim world”, which is two or three major speeches more than he has made to the non-Muslim world.  The few sentences he uttered in criticism of Islam — and there were not many — were basically milque-toast pap spoken in diplomatese, fully lacking in specifics.  Those will be forgotten, but his basic posturing as an Islamic appeaser, someone who favors Islam over Israel, and even over America, will be remembered, and will constitute an encouragement for more Jihad war and suicide terrorism, not less.   American foreign policy will now support Islamic sentiments, to blame everyone else for problems created within the Muslim world.  It is all the fault of their victims!  The fault of the Jews!  Those suffering under crushing Islamic repression, or who are targeted for extermination by angry Muslims on a Jihad, are now on their own.  America says “drop dead” to all of its allies who stand in the path of the Islamic steamroller.  The Islamic world will now get more help from America, not less.

That’s the basic message.

And once again, for the new readers to OBRL-News, I don’t think you will understand the relevance of this unless you review Reich’s “Mass Psychology of Fascism” and my own “Saharasia” work.

James DeMeo, PhD

Here are some independent reviews, to counter the incredible Obamania now coming, once again, through the mainstream media.  These will, at minimum, correct the factual errors, and give you a nice bucket of ice-cold-water in the face, to wake you up from the collective trance.

Awful. By Ira Stoll


An excellent Symposium of Islamic scholars reacting to the speech:

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Melanie Philips, in the Spectator

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Hugh Fitzgerald, Obama’s Cairo Nonsense

Robert Spencer’s Dissection

Economist: Throwing women under the bus

The Settlements Myth

Making Believe: Obama’s speech was deep in fable, short on fact.

PRUDEN: ‘Inner Muslim’ at work in Cairo

“May you be cursed to live in Interesting Times”
Chinese proverb

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