Old Blogger.Com Website Back Up….?

Old hands at OBRL-Blog will recall how the original OBRL-News Blog at blogger.com was unexpectedly shut down by the site moderators in May 2009, apparently upon some anonymous complaints from a few angry Muslims, objecting to the Islam-critical posts which I had made. That’s old news, and it is detailed here:


What is new, however, is that the old blogger.com blog magically re-appeared sometime in the recent days. Nobody from blogger.com contacted me to explain why it was re-posted, anymore than they contacted me before shutting it down. But my letter of protest to them must have stimulated a re-think. In any case, I am going to cease posting to that blog, and henceforth all OBRL-News items will be automatically re-posted here, to the OBRL-Blog at wordpress.com. But if you want to access the old blog at blogger.com, for the archive of materials that go back to 2006, you can do so by using this link:


I’ll also post this link to the old blog the bottom of the right-hand info-bar, under the Archive listing.


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