Welcome to New Subscribers from Dr. Mercola’s Website

Welcome to New Subscribers from Dr. Mercola’s Website

It has been about a week since our YouTube video clip "Wilhelm Reich and the Orgone Energy" was posted with an article to Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website. As some of you know, we have been flooded with inquiries and book orders, suggesting a very honest and heart-felt support for Wilhelm Reich’s discoveries, and for my own work, from the Mercola internet community.

Thanks for your interest, and welcome aboard to OBRL-News.

In case you did not see that video and article, go here:

and here:

I should relate a few points about the OBRL-News Yahoo e-group you have joined. "OBRL" is for my institute, the "Orgone Biophysical Research Lab", in case you had not figured that out.

Firstly realize that OBRL-News at Yahoo is not a "discussion group". I use it as a means to inform people of my own research progress, of new events and happenings in the field of orgonomy (Wilhelm Reich’s term for the "science of life-energy functions in nature"), as well as regarding scientific, medical and social controversies. Everything that is posted to OBRL-News at Yahoo is automatically reposted to the OBRL-Blog at wordpress, where comments are welcome (though moderated and requiring everyone to use their real name


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