Cry Out for the Youth of Iran

Cry Out for the Youth of Iran

Tragic events in Iran. Of course the mainstream media is doing its usual lousy job in informing the public about what’s happening. Hundreds of protestors have been killed, not only a few tens.

The amazing thing is, young women are out in the street, throwing off the veils and standing up to the mullah bully-boys. They stand with the young men, in open rebellion against the puritanism of the dead-faced mullahs. Some have been shot dead. Many more will be, it seems. Nothing new in that, Iranian mullahs and their cut-throat assassins murdering young men and women. They have been bloody genocidal beasts over the years, not only slaughtering non-muslim ethnic groups, such as the Bahais, but also with a little-reported and chronic arresting and "disappearing" of young people who dared to stand up to Islamic power… long-hair and clean-shaven young men wearing jeans, young girls without veils… if they get arrested, likely as not, they emerge a year later from prison, gang-raped and broken. And those are the lucky ones. Most just disappear altogether.

I’ve reported the research of Dr. D. Hughes, who documented how the mullahs routinely kidnap pretty young girls off the streets — for violations of the Islamic dress code and such — after which they disappear into special prison-brothels run by the mullahs, to service the Revolutionary Guard "moralists" and other thugs in their sway. Or they are sold as sex-slaves to other Muslim despotisms. As outlined in my "Saharasia" book, the life-hatred and sexual cruelty in the Islamic world is far more dramatic and greater than elsewhere on the planet, in terms of its widespread and extreme nature.

But the list of brutal, nasty, and outrageous conduct by the Ayatollahs and their supporters is not merely restricted to some kind of sexual pathos, although that is the foundation for all the rest of it. They support the Hezbollah fanatics and killers in Lebanon, and the bloody beasts of Hamas in Gaza, with money, dope, slave-girls and weapons. The sexuality in Islam is not the "moralism" of the West. It is far worse than that. It is one of the rapist war-lord, riding into a peaceful village on horseback, killing everyone, and making off with all that can be stolen, including young women. Of course, it is several thousand years removed from that, but the social institutions and character attitudes have been reproduced, generation after generation, without a let-up. Thanks in large measure to Islam, the creed of the war-lord rapist.

The top-dogs in the Islamic world now work towards getting an atomic bomb, declaring they will use it, but the world sleeps. The American president, supposed leader of the free world, is not concerned either. In fact, by his own words, he is "with the Muslims" and so can hardly speak in support of young people wanting to throw off the chains of Sharia Law.

If you want accurate reportage on events in Iran, I suggest to visit this webblog "Atlas Shrugs" run by Pamela Geller.

But be prepared, as the "awful truth" is typically brutal to view close-up. It is clarifying, however. "Learn to distinguish between those who fight for their own freedom, and those who fight to take away the freedom of others"…. remember who said that?

I can also recommend Front Page Magazine, as about half-way down on its homepage, there is a live videofeed from a dissident Iranian TV channel.
Or you can get it here:

One of the more shocking episodes was of a 16-year old girl being shot in the chest from a distance by a high-powered military rifle, dying a few minutes later among her friends and family. She’s become a rallying-cry for the ouster of the mullahs. Here’s the brutal YouTube video clip.

Outrageous, though nothing new for the Iranian theocrats, who routinely hang or stone young girls who dare to be too outspoken, or unruly, or pretty. I’ve personally met and had dinner with young Iranians who suffered under the mullahs, and fled to safety in the West. Very lively, very wonderful young people. What a tragedy. There’s a new movie coming out, which goes into these issues and poses to be a real eye-opener, and heart-breaker: "The Stoning of Soraya M."

Probably not coming to a theatre near you, because it is too "politically incorrect".

Weep for the youth of Iran, and for our own nation, run by a pathetic bunch of poisoned Marxist Islamic-apologists, who could do much to help the youth, but instead have already committed themselves to "dialogue" with the brutal regime of cut-throat mullahs. All the diplomats will share tea and cookies in the Palace, while ordinary people are being slaughtered.


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