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Welcome to New Subscribers from Dr. Mercola’s Website

June 21, 2009

Welcome to New Subscribers from Dr. Mercola’s Website

It has been about a week since our YouTube video clip "Wilhelm Reich and the Orgone Energy" was posted with an article to Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website. As some of you know, we have been flooded with inquiries and book orders, suggesting a very honest and heart-felt support for Wilhelm Reich’s discoveries, and for my own work, from the Mercola internet community.

Thanks for your interest, and welcome aboard to OBRL-News.

In case you did not see that video and article, go here:

and here:

I should relate a few points about the OBRL-News Yahoo e-group you have joined. "OBRL" is for my institute, the "Orgone Biophysical Research Lab", in case you had not figured that out.

Firstly realize that OBRL-News at Yahoo is not a "discussion group". I use it as a means to inform people of my own research progress, of new events and happenings in the field of orgonomy (Wilhelm Reich’s term for the "science of life-energy functions in nature"), as well as regarding scientific, medical and social controversies. Everything that is posted to OBRL-News at Yahoo is automatically reposted to the OBRL-Blog at wordpress, where comments are welcome (though moderated and requiring everyone to use their real name

New DVD Docu. on Viktor Schauberger, Living Water

June 13, 2009

New item. A bit pricey due to its being a European import, and the bad exchange rate dollars to Euros right now, but definitely worth having. From the OBRL bookstore, Natural Energy Works:
(Scroll down on the left-side, for more info and pictures.)

Viktor Schauberger – DVD

Comprehend and Copy Nature

A Documentary Film by Franz Fitzke

English or German Audio (selectable)


The first movie about the work and legacy of Viktor Schauberger. A comprehensive study of historical facts, current research, and various practical applications for both technology and the natural world.

The Austrian forester Viktor Schauberger (1885 – 1958) is today considered to be one of the pioneers of modern water research and holistic nature observation. Already during the first half of the 20th century, he warned insistently against the consequences of unrestricted exploitation of the environment. As an alternative, he propagated a radical rethinking of our attitudes towards nature, and the development of completely new methods of energy production that are in harmony with nature. He formulated his so-called "C & C" Principle: first, we have to comprehend nature, and then we should copy it.

The applications of his ideas and his inventions include devices for qualitative water refinement (the creation of "living water"), spiral water pipes that reduce friction, river regulation in accordance with natural water flow, and the generation of energy from air and water using nature’s own principles of motion based on suction and inward spiral movement — the "Implosion" Principle.

75 minutes. Both German and English versions on one DVD, Region-Free.

Go Here for more info and to purchase:

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More Chemtrail Debunking… Must See This!

June 12, 2009

Here’s a website that has all the photos of "chemtrail spraying" aircraft… except, none of them are spraying chemtrails. All of them, and the specialized equipment in them, or attached to them, are for entirely other purposes, well known to workers in civil and military aviation.

Take a look at this, if only to clarify for yourself. The only thing being sprayed in the atmosphere, deliberately, is the concocted claims of the "chemtrail" cult leaders.

Contrail Science
Thanks to John Wilder for bringing this website to attention.

Here’s another one of merit:

Subversive Thinking – Debunking the “Skeptics”

June 10, 2009

Here’s an interesting web-blog, exposing and debunking the "professional skeptics".

And here’s an expose they ran which suggests why the "skeptics" hate Wilhelm Reich so intensively.

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June 10, 2009

Obama’s Islam: Now he tells us


MuhammadTube All the material banned by US-EU Mainstream Media. Videos banned by YouTube for their revealing absence of appeasement. Learn the truth. Get the facts.

America’s first Muslim president?

Palestinians Respond to Obama Speech

2009: Year Without Summer for Northern States?

Secular Atheist Time Mag. Loves Bosnian Islamic Repression of Women

Napoliano Chief of Homeland Security adds Known Muslim Terrorist Supporter to Staff

Obama and Mulsim World Flunk Science History Exam

Homosexual Parents 7x more likely to have Homosexual Kids.

Big Daddy USA: $1 of every $6 of U.S. income is taxpayer funded check or voucher

Praeger on the Obama Speech

The Hate Crimes Bill is Also a “Pedophile Protection Act”

Obama Child Protection Appointee Advocates Perverse Gay Bath-House Sex Practices for Kids

Polygamists Now Demand Equal Marriage Rights – Bigamy, Trigamy, Etc. On the Agenda

Obama: Arabs Wonderful, Americans are Slavers, Jews Wicked

Hamas Gets Ambulances: Quickly Turns them into Suicide Car-Bombs

Warning to West on Evil of Islam – Wafa Sultan–Wafa-Sultan

Muslim Worship Rituals – actually, professional “dancing girls”, a small subset of women who actually have some freedom in the non-Taliban Islamic world. The guys all watch, get stoned and go home alone, a graphic display of what they don’t have — loving intimacy with one woman.

The Obama Cairo Speech

June 8, 2009

The Obama Cairo Speech

Several persons wrote to ask what I thought about the Obama Cairo speech.  I saw only snippets, not having time to view the whole thing, but read a transcript of it. While there were a few sentences I agreed with, and was glad to hear him say in front of a Muslim audience, they were typically too little, and too lacking in emphasis or passion to elicit any emotional affect from an audience basically hostile to the West. They were, instead, hungry for something that would show Obama held a basic emotional alliance with the Muslim world. And he did not disappoint.

 In short, it struck me as naive posturing littered with falsehood, terrible revisionist history, inaccurate attribution of the accomplishments of non-Muslims to the Muslim world, appeals to Islamic narcissism with disastrous moral equivalency, and a basic appeasement to violent terrorism and totalitarian dictatorships bent upon destruction and conquest of the non-Islamic world.  As I noted in an OBRL-News item in April of last year, he is so extremely friendly to Muslims and Islamic causes, that he may as well be a Muslim.  I note, he now suddenly uses his middle name “Hussein”, and admits his grandmother is Muslim, not Christian.  During the election, if you said that, you’d be accused of being a “right-wing extremist”.

However, I am really more concerned about how the Muslim World viewed the Obama speech.  What are THEIR reactions to it. 
However, I am really more concerned about how the Muslim World viewed the Obama speech.  What are THEIR reactions to it. 

What practical consequences will come from this?   We do know that on the day after his speech, the Egyptian government — carried away with Obama-bliss — passed a law forbidding the marriage between Egyptians and Israelis.  Basically, this is yet another an anti-Jewish law, similar to the old Nazi ones banning marriage between Jews and Germans.  It is typical of the Islamic world to have such laws, and Jews are forbidden to live, own land, hold jobs, travel and so forth, across the Muslim world with few exceptions. But to have such a law passed just AFTER the Obama speech is telling.  This suggests, the Egyptians believe his speech was a green light to become even MORE anti-Jewish and aggressive.

We also have new calls from the Saudi King, blasting the Israelis and demanding that the USA “cut off all aid” to Israel unless it accepts their “peace plan” which has been correctly characterized as the “Israeli Suicide Plan” — it basically demands a full capitulation by the Israelis on everything, and virtually nothing from the Palestinians or themselves, other than vague pledges to “be nice”.  And if the Israelis roll back their borders, yet again, then “suddenly” the Muslim world will demand, that’s not enough!  The terror bombers will start up again (did they ever stop?) but then against a contracted, indefensible set of Israeli borders.  Israel would then descend into the same bloody chaos as happened in the (former) Christian enclave of Lebanon, following the intrusion of angry Syrian, PLO and Hezbollah Muslims demanding the “return of our lands”  in Lebanon.  Of course, very few making this demand had ever set foot in Lebanon previously, nor had anyone from their ancestry.  It was just another Islamic land-grab cloaked as “the right of return”.  Again, this comes AFTER the Obama speech indicating the Saudis feel, “Obama is on our side!  Let’s sharpen our swords and go get the Jews!!”  There is no sense, of “let us reason together”.  That concept is decided Western, born from generations of live-and-let-live attitudes found only in democratic and emotionally-sexually free social structures.  The fact that Obama bowed to the Saudi King (something not ignored in the Muslim world, BTW) only adds to their perception that he is basically “one of them”, and far less on the side of America or other world democracies.

MEMRI does a good job summarizing Muslim reactions globally:

I expect much more along these lines, with the Muslim world being more energized and animated to show their rage and muscle against non-believers.  Obama has given them a “green light” in yet the second or third major speech “to the Muslim world”, which is two or three major speeches more than he has made to the non-Muslim world.  The few sentences he uttered in criticism of Islam — and there were not many — were basically milque-toast pap spoken in diplomatese, fully lacking in specifics.  Those will be forgotten, but his basic posturing as an Islamic appeaser, someone who favors Islam over Israel, and even over America, will be remembered, and will constitute an encouragement for more Jihad war and suicide terrorism, not less.   American foreign policy will now support Islamic sentiments, to blame everyone else for problems created within the Muslim world.  It is all the fault of their victims!  The fault of the Jews!  Those suffering under crushing Islamic repression, or who are targeted for extermination by angry Muslims on a Jihad, are now on their own.  America says “drop dead” to all of its allies who stand in the path of the Islamic steamroller.  The Islamic world will now get more help from America, not less.

That’s the basic message.

And once again, for the new readers to OBRL-News, I don’t think you will understand the relevance of this unless you review Reich’s “Mass Psychology of Fascism” and my own “Saharasia” work.

James DeMeo, PhD

Here are some independent reviews, to counter the incredible Obamania now coming, once again, through the mainstream media.  These will, at minimum, correct the factual errors, and give you a nice bucket of ice-cold-water in the face, to wake you up from the collective trance.

Awful. By Ira Stoll


An excellent Symposium of Islamic scholars reacting to the speech:

Obama Funks History at Cairo U

Melanie Philips, in the Spectator

Mark Steyn: Obama’s Message of Weakness

Hugh Fitzgerald, Obama’s Cairo Nonsense

Robert Spencer’s Dissection

Economist: Throwing women under the bus

The Settlements Myth

Making Believe: Obama’s speech was deep in fable, short on fact.

PRUDEN: ‘Inner Muslim’ at work in Cairo

“May you be cursed to live in Interesting Times”
Chinese proverb

Are you ready?

June 7, 2009

PS. The Unhinged Nature of (Some) CO2 Fanatics

June 7, 2009

CO2 Fanatic: ‘Execute’ Global Warming Deniers

The item below just came into my email box, from Newsmax.

I suppose I should confess, as being one of the 700 PhDs in climate-weather science who gave their name in support of Senator Inhofe’s US Senate Minority Report last year, in opposition to the current CO2 craze, and all the laws involved. I also signed the Open Letter to Prez. Obama informing him his talking points on global warming were factually in error. Lots of good it does. Nobody pays attention anyhow, even when it snows in North Dakota in June.

But, hey, certainly you have a lot of money you don’t need or use, so when the tax man cometh with his begging bowl, Be Generous! There are starving bureaucrats and even some Multinational Corporations needing your tax contributions! To fight global warming! J.D.


Web Site: ‘Execute’ Global Warming Deniers

Environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in 2007 declared that skeptics of global warming hysteria are guilty of "treason."

Then NASA’s James Hansen said climate skeptics should be put on trial for "high crimes against humanity."

And Kennedy recently called coal companies "criminal enterprises" and said their CEO’s should be jailed "for all of eternity."

Now a global warming alarmist has taken the vitriol to new heights, calling for the execution of global warming deniers.

The alarmist, identified only as "The Insolent Braggart," posted an entry on Talking Points Memo, an often-cited Web site. TPM removed the entry from the site, but not before it came to the attention of Marc Morano of Climate Depot.

He reproduced the entry on his Web site:

"At what point do we jail or execute global warming deniers? . . . The vast majority of the scientific minds in the world agree and understand it’s a very serious problem that can do an untold amount of damage to life on Earth.

"So when the right-wing [expletive deleted] have caused it to be too late to fix the problem, and we start seeing the devastating consequences and we start seeing end of the world type events – how will we punish those responsible? It will be too late. So shouldn’t we start punishing them now?"

The Washington Examiner cited the TPM poster in an editorial headlined, "Is American politics becoming a hate sport?"

The editorial likened the poster to Scott Roeder, who is charged with killing abortion doctor George Tiller, and John Brown, the abolitionist who led a murderous raid on a federal facility shortly before the Civil War.

"Are Brown, Roeder, and the TPM poster simply lone fanatics," the Examiner asked, "isolated illustrations of what happens when political concerns become warped beyond reason and combine with unstable personality characteristics to produce gruesome results?

Climate Change you can Believe In…

June 7, 2009

SNOW in North Dakota, in June!

Bismarck, N.D. (AP) Snow has fallen in Dickinson in June, the first time in nearly 60 years the city has seen snow past May.

National Weather Service meteorologist Janine Vining in Bismarck says there were unofficial reports of a couple of inches of snow in Dickinson on Saturday.

Vining says snow in North Dakota in June is uncommon, though it’s not unheard of. She says other parts of the state have seen June snow within the past 10 years.

Williston and Bismarck had received only rain as of mid-Saturday, but Vining said snow was possible in those cities later in the day.

Actually, this tended to happen more frequently during the period c.1930-1970, which was a general period of global cooling. When the warming phase began, 1970-2000, it became rare. Now that we are back into cooling territory, watch for chilly climes once again. Up and down. But the Sky Is Not Falling.

Here’s a related post:

Global warming? Not so fast, skeptics say at meeting

Welcome to the third annual International Conference on Climate Change, a daylong session of speeches and scientific presentations that took place Tuesday just blocks from the U.S. Capitol. Almost no media covered the event.

Organized by The Heartland Institute and other conservative think tanks and groups, the conference drew about 250 guests, most of them researchers and policy analysts, some from as far away as Japan and Australia.

There was plenty of wry laughter during the day, especially when former Vice President Gore and his award-winning movie, "An Inconvenient Truth," were brought up, which was often.

The conference hall also was filled with a tangible air of frustrated defeat, like the brainy kid in math class who thinks he knows all the answers, raises his hand time and again, but is never called upon.

"We are seldom heard in the policy debate," said Joseph L. Bast, president of The Heartland Institute. "If you open your newspaper, turn on your TV set, you’re likely to see global warming alarmism, and nothing else."

Bast labeled as "popular delusion" the current conventional wisdom on the issue – that man-made emissions, notably carbon dioxide, from the burning of fossil fuels is dangerously heating up the planet, causing sea levels to rise and is increasing the ferocity of storms and drought. …


Go to the original item for the full text.

For the Greeks and Armenians: America, America, by Elia Kazan

June 6, 2009

America, America, by Elia Kazan

A very worthwhile film, to let you know what daily life was like living under the Ottoman Turks, the institution of dhimmitude laid bare.

This film is a response to all the Islam-apologizers who like to claim that Muslims were “gentle” with the infidels who lived under their “protection”. What revisionist deception! And for the Jews under the Ottomans, it was far worse than what’s depicted in this film. Hollywood HATES this film, by the way, because it lays bare many of the Big Lies they tell in all their other films. It is a nearly-forgotten masterpiece, but you cannot get it on DVD.

Google Video carries it for a free download. Be sure to use a fast download link and a video recording software so you can save it and show to friends.

I suggest to also get the books of Andrew Bostom and Bat Ye’or, who have brought the authentic history of dhimmitude under Islamic totalitarianism back into our knowledge.

English language with Greek subtitles. Enjoy.

Hat-tip to Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs, for the alert on this item.