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Chilly Chicago

August 31, 2009

This low-temperature report is only for the upper Midwest, and we must wait for the full national and global averages to be reported (probably early next year), but it is indicative. If the trend of global cooling holds, prepare for a chilly winter. We continue to see zero sunspots over long periods.

August Ends With Near-Record Cold

Temperatures Close To Record Overnight Low Of 47 Degrees, Set In 1872

The skyline at sunrise on a cold August 31. Temperatures in the Chicago area sunk near the record of 47 degrees.

Usually, late August is time a when Chicagoans are thinking of hitting the beaches or lounging in the sidewalk cafes one last time, but this year, the temperatures have seemed more appropriate for Halloween.

The record low for Aug. 31 is 47 degrees, set in 1872. Overnight Sunday into Monday, the nippy readings were close, and in some areas even lower.


Exposing 2012 & CO2 Fraud

August 28, 2009

Two items of interest came across my desk this AM, fascinating.

1. Here’s a great website with good info on CO2/global-warming hysteria. Oops, I mean "climate change" hysteria. Since so much of the CO2 theory has been exposed as fraud, along with the fact that the earth definitely is not "warming", they changed the terms of the hysteria to "climate change", so no matter if the temperature goes up or down, sea levels rise or fall, they got it covered! And so they can still push the phoney "cap and trade" legislation, demand that you start using those ugly-light CFL bulbs, and eventually to have an ACORN thug come and check your thermostat every week (they already got Billion$ for that specific program!). Anyhow, here’s the weblinks to some new reports you should know about, assuming keeping a bit of your own money, and understanding how the shot-gun marriage of a power-drunk, out-of-control government with academic deceivers is of concern to you.
Climate Change – "Gore’s Hometown Nashville Breaks 1877 Cold Temp Record" Climate Change Update – We are now having the longest run of the most sunspot-free days since
around 1910. (see the graphic, then go to the weblink for details)

Here’s a few others of interest, on the basics:
Climate Change Charts – How the IPCC committed fraud and erased the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age from history… all to get more of your money, and control over your lives.
Update on “Global Warming”


2. Acharya S. exposes the coming "end of the world" disaster for 2012. Did you buy your UFO escape-to-Mars lottery ticket yet? Digging your underground bunker in preparation for global destruction? Actually, much of this hysteria is being stimulated by a phoney new "research institute" set up by Sony Pictures, to promote their new disaster movie "2012". You got to admire their chutzpa … but I fear to expose this will merely add to my hate-mail. Remember Y2K? Now, that’s a bumper-sticker I would like to see.


Swine Flu News – Don’t Be Stampeded!

August 25, 2009

Swine Flu Shots cause Killer Nerve Disease


But kids will get untested vaccine anyway


All Right Now, Get In Line… Roll Up Your Sleeve and No Talking There… Move Along.


The "Official Truth":

Official Medical Quackery – “Preventative” Sexual Mutilations

August 22, 2009

Growing International Crimes of Sexual Mutilations:
Both tribal and modern societies do them.

1. Female Breast/Sexual Mutilation in Hospitals

While proclaimed as a "cancer preventative", the surgical removal of women’s sexual organs based upon flawed "genetic" testing methods is quack-junk science, and is no different from North African Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), except that it is wrapped up with "medical" magic and superstition, rather than purely "moral-taboo" justifications. In fact, one could say, the Africans who do this horrible act do not cloak their sexual hatreds and anxiety, in that they openly proclaim female sexual organs (clitoris, labia) are "ugly, dirty, offensive, and ought to be cut out". The MD’s doing this form of Western FGM won’t say that so directly, but wrap their sadism in the language of "science".

Below is the Abstract of a paper I gave on the subject some years ago — my only correct to it would be, to note this is not just an American phenomenon, but has similar expressions in hospital surgery world-wide. Such as the introduction of female genital mutilation procedures into hospitals within the Muslim world, something that should be classified as no different from branding of slaves with a red-hot iron (done in "hospitals" to make it "sanitary") and opposed by every decent physician and international health organization…. but isn’t:

James DeMeo PhD: "Modern Horrific Medicine: Unnecessary Sexual Surgery", Presented to the 3rd Int. Symposium on Circumcision, National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers, Washington, DC. 1994.

One of the more telling methods for understanding the urge to mutilate the genitals of young males and females is to view the problem cross-culturally. There is a cross-cultural pattern recorded in the anthropological literature, demonstrating that cultures which engage in genital mutilations also have, in general: high levels of political hierarchy, premarital sexual taboos, subordinated female status, taboos regarding vaginal, hymenal, and menstrual blood, male dominance over childbirth matters (couvade), an emphasis upon military glory, high levels of alcoholic aggression, and belief in a moralistic high god. The argument is raised that the sadistic energy directed towards the sexual organs of children is but only one expression of a larger cultural component of sadistic energy more generally directed at sexual functions, especially childhood and female sexuality. From the cross-cultural and other scientific evidence, one can make an extended critique of other ritual sexual mutilations not generally considered to be in the same category as genital mutilations. Unnecessary surgeries upon the sexual organs of women in modern American hospitals are critically reviewed from this new perspective, wherein the same medical shamans who perform painful and unnecessary genital mutilations on children — the obstetrical/gynecological specialists — are given similar critical decision-making roles for a variety of other generally unnecessary but often routine and common sexual mutilations: episiotomy, Cesarean section childbirth, and hysterectomy all have been criticized by health reformers for their generally unnecessary nature, and for the subsequent problems they create for the women subject to them. Here, we view them as expressions of culture-wide sexual anxiety and sadism. For the patient, such sexual mutilations dampen or extinguish sexual feeling, thereby relieving the individual of sexual anxiety. For the medical surgeon, the mutilations provide an outlet for scientifically rationalized sadistic urges. Carrying the critique farther, the current "epidemics" of breast and prostate cancer are critically reviewed as expressions of epidemic mass sexual hysteria and sexual anxiety, lacking in a solid scientific foundation. The absence of serious investigation of natural healing methods, the broadening of diagnostic criteria to define larger numbers of healthy people into the "sick" category, and the use of medical-police tactics to imprison and suppress health reform dissenters, are reviewed as critical components in the "scientific" rationalization of traditional hospital mutilations as "treatment". This analysis is particularly relevant where cultural propaganda regarding the "unhealthy" nature of the normal breast is used to justify "enhancement" mutilations, or where unscientific "genetic" screening methods are employed to convince anxious but otherwise completely healthy women into having "preventative" breast-amputation mutilations. Other high-tech screening methods, such as mammography and other forms of x-ray when used for diagnosis in the absence of independent clinical evidence of pathology are critically reviewed as factors in the "elevation in cancer rates". In short, American medicine is awash in a host of various forms of unnecessary, scientifically invalid and barbaric ritualized genital/sexual mutilations. Most of these are as bad or worse than anything practiced by other cultures, such as infibulation of little girls in Africa. While this latter African practice has attracted much attention and criticism in the American press, circumcision of baby boys, and other "modern medical" mutilations, have not.

A back issue of our in-house journal, "Pulse of the Planet" also carried a longer article on the subject: James DeMeo: "Modern Medical-Genetic Quackery/Modern Horrific Medicine", Pulse of the Planet 4:161-165, 1993.

2. Centers for Disease Control Demands All Foreskins!

The shot-gun marriage of superstitious "toxic penis" medical quackery, and equally superstitious "sex can kill" AIDS hysteria, has produced a Frankenstein Monster: Mutilating the genitals of boys and men, to "prevent AIDS".

Review the chapter on male genital mutilations in my book "Saharasia: The 4000 BCE Origins of Child Abuse, Sex-Repression, Warfare and Social Violence". From a sample of 400 different cultures around the world, the following cultural attributes are positively correlated with male genital mutilation:

Narcissism index is high

Slavery is present

Castes are present

Class stratification is high

Land inheritance favors male line

Patrilineal descent is present

Female barrenness penalty is high

Bride price is present

Father has family authority

Polygamy is present

Marital residence near male kin

Painful female initiation rites present

Segregation of adolescent boys is high

Oral anxiety potential is high

Average satisfaction potential is low

Speed of attention to infant needs is low

High god present, active, supportive of human morality

These are factually and scientifically demonstrated to positively correlate with the presence of male genital mutilations, world-wide, and none of them are anything which are supportive of a kind, just, healthy or civil social order. Regions of both African poverty, and Western promiscuity (homosexual bath houses), are awash in sexually transmitted diseases, and high levels of circumcisions have not prevented any of it. I’ve also previously outlined the problems with the spurious geographical correlations between claimed HIV and non-circumcising African cultures, in a "Letter to a Documentary Film-Maker" previously posted to the OBRL-News & Blog, but which is important enough to repeat below.

In both the above cases, the sexual organs are proclaimed "risky, suffering, diseased, harboring germs, unnecessary" and so forth, or they are "a time-bomb waiting to go off", etc. And they are based upon genetic calculations which are no better than reading the entrails of dead chickens, or casting the i-ching, or "invisible hiding virus" theories which have scant proof.

Cloaked in superior white coat, with patient reduced to infantile status wearing nothing but a loose gown, or actually being an infant, the proclamations are uttered, and off to the "surgical theatre" (that phrase is revealing) goes everyone, for the extirpation of evil sexual organs. Afterwards, everyone feels so much better. Everyone except the victim can smile again, breathe deep, and know with certainty that the planets will continue on their course through the heavens.


Extracts from a Letter to a documentary film-maker, on "HIV-AIDS"

20 March 2009

Ashland, Oregon, USA

…. The main area where I could make a possibly-unique contribution to the discussion is on the claim that male circumcision "reduces HIV transmission". Obviously, if HIV is not the "cause of AIDS", then this is preposterous and sadistic nonsense, an excuse for angry child-hating doctors to attack the genitals of children with knives. American males in the high-risk groups (homosexual men, IV drug users) are circumcised at between 50-80% depending upon their age group, and it has not helped to prevent "infection" by HIV or anything else. STDs are still widespread in younger groups of circumcising cultures, and there is no trend of reduction or increase based upon the presence or absence of a foreskin. I can also provide more substance to the criticisms of that claim as regarding the African situation, which is based upon correlation studies only.

For example:

Given my background in geographical science, and study of social institutions like male and female genital mutilations — see my work "Saharasia" (website below) — I’ve also noted the absurdity of the recent recommendations, or soon-to-be legal demands, that all baby boys be subjected to MGM (male genital mutilation) as a way to "prevent AIDS". American medicine claims that male circumcision is something benign and beneficial on other scores (a total falsehood!) something they and the Western public would never accept as regarding female mutilations (but, give the doctors another 20 years and they will propose that also). The correlations are spurious ones in any case.

They are more easily understood as follows: Northern dry-region Islamic genital-mutilating Africans are largely free from the various tropical diseases typically observed in southern non-Muslim regions (TB, Malaria, Leprosy, etc.) where Africans do not mutilate the genitals of their children. Those tropical diseases are frequently mistaken for "AIDS" either due to the unscientific "Benguai Definition" of claimed AIDS symptoms (which are typical for many mild or severe tropical African maladies, including from drinking contaminated water), or because the antibodies one gets from those tropical diseases typically cross-react with the AIDS antibody tests to yield up high levels of false-positives. So this whole issue is riddled with junk science from top to bottom. The defacto censorship by science journals of materials critical of the "infectious HIV" theory makes it nearly impossible to get this kind of criticism into print, much less into the public media.

There are dozens of issues intersecting on the AIDS issue, most of which are too "politically incorrect" for the typical journalist or film-maker to deal with. Such as the unsanitary and shared pool of body-fluids typical of the homosexual bath-houses, which parallels the unsanitary drinking water in "HIV prone" regions of tropical Africa. In both cases, typical STDs or African diseases which also destroy the immune system are routinely misdiagnosed as being caused by "infectious HIV". And I cannot tell you how often I heard — in my 13 different field trips to Africa during the 1990s, on climate-related research — about the "promiscuous Africans" as some "explanation" of the claimed "spread of HIV". The fact that most Africans still get exposure to malaria, TB and other diseases whose antibodies cross-react with the "HIV tests", and often drink contaminated water which makes their blood fill with all sorts of antibodies, yielding a general slow immune system suppression, is never spoken about with anything of the same volume and self-righteous arrogance as one hears about the "epidemic of HIV disease in Africa!!!" Which factually has not occurred. Africans continue to grow in population, dramatically so, in spite of "AIDS".

Perhaps as a black woman, you will appreciate this kind of concealed racism among the advocates of "African AIDS". It was for such reasons, and more, that President M’beki of South Africa refused to embrace the UN-WHO demands. Most of the black Africans I met were very religious people, Muslims or Christians, and certainly far more sexually conservative than, for example, the white South Africans (much less Europeans or Americans) among whom there was never any large problem with "HIV disease". Maybe you know from the Perth Group, that the number of antibody reactions to define AIDS in Africa is quite few, while in Australia, it is quite large. So simply by moving from Africa to Australia, any typical black "AIDS prone" African could be healed of his malady!

Medical historians of the future will probably note "killer-HIV" as the biggest example of official medical quackery of the Century, certainly far surpassing the pellagra madness, and with a much greater number of healthy or marginally-ill people speeded into early graves by the same arrogant medical profession (and their media defenders). It is a far greater scandal than the Tuskeegee experiments, equal to the scandal of the suppression of Joseph Semmelweiss, who identified how millions of pregnant European women were killed by the doctor’s own dirty hands, in the disease of "childbed fever". I would compare AIDS and the whole business of "hiding viruses" or "slow viruses" to Medieval thinking, to blame severe illness upon undocumentable "evil spirits" or "demons" — or to accuse totally healthy people of harboring such "evil" and then subject them to toxic medications. HIV is such an "evil demon" in that it has not been subjected to serious review as to its existence and/or toxicity. All critical voices on that issue have been silenced, in a rush to push expensive medications down the throats of millions of "believers".


James DeMeo, PhD

Ashland, Oregon, USA

Global Cooling… Again!

August 20, 2009

Nature will always have the last word. And of last observation, there still have not been any significant number of sunspots, a factor which may be fundamental to Earth’s atmospheric temperature.


Drop in world temperatures fuels global warming debate

By Robert S. Boyd | McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON – Has Earth’s fever broken?

Official government measurements show that the world’s temperature has cooled a bit since reaching its most recent peak in 1998.

That’s given global warming skeptics new ammunition to attack the prevailing theory of climate change. The skeptics argue that the current stretch of slightly cooler temperatures means that costly measures to limit carbon dioxide emissions are ill-founded and unnecessary.

Proposals to combat global warming are "crazy" and will "destroy more than a million good American jobs and increase the average family’s annual energy bill by at least $1,500 a year," the Heartland Institute, a conservative research organization based in Chicago, declared in full-page newspaper ads earlier this summer. "High levels of carbon dioxide actually benefit wildlife and human health," the ads asserted.

According to data from the National Space Science and Technology Center in Huntsville, Ala., the global high temperature in 1998 was 0.76 degrees Celsius (1.37 degrees Fahrenheit) above the average for the previous 20 years.

So far this year, the high has been 0.42 degrees Celsius (0.76 degrees Fahrenheit), above the 20-year average, clearly cooler than before.


UN "Activists" may cancel their annual Global Warming party:

climate cooling 2008

More Madhouse Mayhem – 15 Aug.09

August 16, 2009

Photo of the Week & 40 Years Ago (scan to bottom if it does not appear at the top):
Yesterday’s Hate-Projecting Pali-Death-Cult Kids, Recruited Into Today’s Suicide Killers.
Following in the footsteps of the Hitler Youth, the Young Pioneers, and the Imperial Japanese "schools", where little boys learn to throw hand-grenades, shoot machine guns, stab bayonettes and cut throats before they are 12, without learning to play football, baseball, read and write, do maths or to dance with girls… just what does the world expect when they are 20, 30 or 50, assuming they live that long?!


Antiviral "Swine Flu" drugs toxic for children (but they will get them anyhow). Even the BBC pro-pharm zealots cannot ignore it.

Swine flu jab link to killer nerve disease: Leaked letter reveals concern of neurologists over 25 deaths in America


Will Experimental Toxic Flu Vaccines Become Mandatory? Big Brother Pharma Medicine Men? Already got that in some measure, but will the UN, WHO, literally "call the shots"? Forcibly?


Homeschoolers Score Higher than Government Schools. Costs are only 5%.


Climate-Change Meeting Features CO2-Warming Critics

Obama Energy Bill Environmental Sell-Out: Will Double Nuclear Power Plants!


Communist White House Official Silencing Dissent: Nothing like this since Nixon and his "Enemies List"!


Associated Press (also known as "Associated With Terrorists Press" for its promotion of terrorist propaganda) will now distributing propaganda from billionaire Socialist-Communist criminals


Chavez Shuts Down Critical Radio/TV – Full Communism, Mass-Graves Next?

American Library Association: Leftists on the Side of Muslim Terrorists.


Public School Socialists to Banish the terms "America" and "American". Do you know the words to "The Internationale"? Sing loudly from your prayer rug.


Arrested Iranian Democracy Protestors, men and women, being Systematically Raped, Killed in Prisons
No surprise here. The Iranian Mullahs have kept Prison Brothels for mass rape of women kidnapped off-the-street over decades. Can’t wait ’til they get their a-bomb.


Thwarted Islamic Plot to Kill Thousands at Australian Sports Arena
Mullah had declared "it is OK to kill women and children".


Islamic Appeal to Hispanic Americans – Emotional Self-Mutilation.


Apostate Ex-Muslim Women Speak Out! (At risk to their lives.)



One Billion US Taxpayer Dollars to Hamas Terrorists!
And here’s one predictable result: Hamas Test-Fires Fancy New Terror-Rocket to Hit Tel Aviv!
And another result: Hamas Kids Summer Camp like Hitler Youth, Japanese Imperial Youth, learn to throw hand-grenades, shoot machine-guns, plant bombs, cut off heads, etc.
And another: Mortar shells are expensive, but the USA will pay for them!

Aren’t you glad your tax money is going to such worthy causes?


Muslim Speak with Forked Tongue! "Peace, Love" in English. "WAR, KILL" in Arabic.


Additional US Billion(s) to Pakistani Terrorists


The New American Socialism: Hooray for Jihad!


Sharia Law coming to Kenya. Remember Odinga’s special arrangement?


Buddhists being exterminated and driven out of Southern Thailand by bloody jihadi Muslims.


Western Conflict with Islam


Mali Women Demand an End to Genital Mutilations. 92% in that part of the world. A healthy turn they wish to end it, but an uphill struggle. No historical Islamic text demands it, but the Mullahs today generally do, as do many grandmothers, who are the ones who do it to their grand-daughters. Angry hate-filled old women, following the preachings of angry hate-filled old men, to snuff out the flame of love in their own young.


Demographic (Sex-Economic) time bomb: millions of Muslim immigrants will change Europe beyond recognition, and almost no policymakers are talking about it. Taboo!


Nobody should be surprised at this:


Hamas Rocket Attacks a War Crime…. Left-wing Hamas…. oops, Human Rights Group ends its Stalinist Jew-hatred, for at least 5 seconds!


New Presidential "Czars": Thugs, Racists, Communists, Terrorists, Money Criminals.


Environmental Hypocrites. Let You Eat Cake


Atheistic Materialism may have some advantages over total Mystical World Views, but respect for life is not one of them:


“Medicine is the keystone of the arch of socialism.” – Vladimir Lenin

New Socialized Medicine Will Authorize State Agents to Come Into Your Home, and "Advise" You (=Tell You, Order You, Command You, Threaten You, and take away your kids into state custody, at gun-point if you disobey!). Good Bye Homebirth, Healthy Foods, Vitamins, "Unapproved" Natural Health-Care Methods; Hello to Mandatory "AIDS" Testing, Vaccines, Hospitalization, surgeries, untested drugs, free Ritalin for kids, etc.

Just remember, Nazism was also "socialist"… "National Socialist"


NYC Muslims Murder 90-year old Holocaust Survivor


Obama Civilian Federal Police Force, Private Presidential Military "as large and as well-funded as the US Military", to be announced on 911. Mandatory draft and brainwashing of new Obama-Youth brigades! Beware! Now is the time to stand up and speak out!

BHO declares "War on Terrorism is Over"… Talibans, Hamas, Janjaweed, Iranians celebrate.
See The Religion of Peace website for daily updates of Islam’s body count.


Experimental Proof of Dim-Glowing Human Energy Field

August 16, 2009

Thanks for this to Tom D. in NYC:


Mercola posted an interesting article this morning called "Your Body Literally Glows With Light", referring to a Japanese study here:

"Imaging of Ultraweak Spontaneous Photon Emission from Human Body Displaying Diurnal Rhythm"

I call your attention to it for two reasons:

1) they talk about "an improved highly sensitive imaging system using cryogenic charge-coupled device (CCD) camera" … "operated at -120°C with slow scanning mode read-out…"

They give specific details under the heading "Materials and Methods". This is probably an entirely too expensive set-up to acquire, but thought I’d pass it along in case it inspires any ideas with respect to orgone room, orgone unit or vacor tube type photographs.

2) Interesting that they found the peak and low "glow" times to be 4pm and 10am respectively. In my North Charleston pressure graphs (that I assume are typical for other regions) the pressure peak and low was 10am and 4pm respectively.

Mercola article:

"Your Body Literally Glows With Light":


Tom D.


Abstract Booklet for Conference on New Research in Orgonomy Now Available

August 8, 2009

The Conference on New Research in Orgonomy was a lively and educational event, attended by around 40 persons, plus the many speakers, coming from across North America and Europe. The Conference was held over two days, on 1-2 August, at the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab Greensprings Center in Ashland, Oregon. An additional report with a few photos will be posted out later on, probably as part of the regular OBRL Newsletters (see here for past Newsletters: )

For now, you can download a PDF of the Abstract Booklet from the Conference, here:
1 MB download

I wish to thank all those who attended, and helped out during the Conference, and give a special thanks to the various speakers, who all came from long distances at great personal expense, to share their ideas and findings.

James DeMeo, PhD
Director of OBRL

The Life-Hatred, Sex-Hatred Madhouse Overflows…. 7 Aug.09

August 7, 2009

burka police babes 1
Madhouse woman/sex-hatred photo of the week: Obedient British Burqa-Girl Cops cover up so as not to "offend" Muslims whom they are giving a ticket to, or arresting. So much for equality under the law. No doubt, all British women will soon be required to don this attire, so as to "not offend Muslims". Then they and their men will be forced to walk in the street and gutters when Muslims are passing on the sidewalk, to bow and curtsey, etc., because obviously, it is "an insult to Islam" for non-Muslims to behave as equals. Here’s more:

Coldest July Day in Chicago since 1942.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy, America! (Tens Reasons Why)

Ten Things You Are Not Supposed To Know About Swine Flu Vaccine
Tamiflu causes sickness and nightmares in children, study finds

The Battle for Bacteria


Food, Inc – You are what you eat… better learn what you are eating.

Islamic Edifice Complex. Five-storey mosque (military headquarters and propaganda ministry for Islamic Jihad) with 120-foot high minaret watch-tower given go-ahead, so people in London will "know who is the boss".

And if you object, there’s going to be a "Muslim Police Force" to shut you up.

"Arafat Deceived the World When He Condemned Terror" — well, some of us knew Arafat was a Big Liar and terrorist-financier, and tried to tell others, but only got sneered at.

Abbas is no different. PA: "Every Jew a Legitimate Military Target"

Islamist Assault on the US Constitution

The New American Socialism At Work, coddling another Marxist dictator: Cuba no longer pestered by American Embassy news ticker.

Angry Muslim School Principal in Michigan Fires Christian Teachers, Punches Student who Converted.

Congressional By-Pass Operation: Unelected Uapproved Government "Tzars" (read: "Caesar", "Kaiser") will "Dictate" and Boss. Watch as the Republic is subverted. H.I.G.

The New-Liberal Islamist Alliance — Old-Time Authentic Liberalism is Dead!
Long Live the "New Liberalism" of Marxist-Leninist Totalitarian Socialism!


Alert! Muslims Discovered America! Officially Taught in US Schools!

Alert! Native Americans Spoke Arabic!

Alert! Mecca is the center of a flat-earth world! (This I can believe.)

BHO, HRC to Honduras: How Dare You Reject Communism!!

+++++++++++++++ Ethnic Cleansing of Jews from Islamic Dictatorships: around 1 million, and counting… Same with Christians and other non-Muslims, by the millions: attacked, beaten, raped, killed, burned out, run out, shot down.

While many in the USA revert back to eating SPAM, the Pali Death Cult killers can Eat Steak with full trimmings, and plenty of it, courtesy of Your Tax Dollars! $200 million in loot, which followed upon a prior $300 million in loot. In thanks for our largess, their leaders celebrated and stated "No Recognition of Israel, Ever!" Silly me, I thought the "path to peace" was paved with gold.
USA helping to fund Hamas Pedophile Weddings. At least a quarter-million of your tax money stuffed into the pockets of 450 young soon-to-be suicide killers for just this one event. Left-wing Pali-supporters have claimed the little girls are not the actual brides, but no alternative group of "brides" has emerged in any of the photos of this event. Just a lot of angry denial, as was happens when the Pali death cult does any of its other truly horrendous deeds. That Muslims marry little girls of 9 or 10 to older men is not in question, as 50-year-old Muhammed did himself with the 6-year-0ld (!) Ayisha! If this video is misrepresenting things, then where is even one photo of the 450 brides? Nothing has emerged anywhere to refute it, to my knowledge. The cover of my Saharasia book has a photo of one similar Palestinian 10-year old "bride".

Obama Neighborhood Spy System Being Constructed? Your neighbors will inform on you if you speak badly against his policies!? Retribution planned against dissenters? Post-Nixon-Era laws protecting citizen dissent now being flouted.

Already, the New American Socialism is doing this in Israel, spying and informing on Jews who buy a home in previously "Judenrein" regions of Israel, cleansed of "dirty Jews" by racist Muslims.

Honduras, Israel and BHO.

+++++++++++++++ BHO awards American Medal of Freedom to Jew-hating pro-Muslim UN bigot. White house explains: "…we are honoring her contributions to feminism, not her contributions to anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism." Got that?

Iran Prison Torture and Murder of Democracy Protestors

Acorn Black Panther thugs who blocked votes with clubs will not be prosecuted. (But if YOU did it, that would be at least a year in prison!)

Speech to World Muslims: "We Love You!" (And will look the other way as you crush women and openly slaughter infidels around the world.)

Geert Wilders still banned in the UK, but hate-spewing, violence-preaching Mullahs are A-OK!

Your PC and all the information on it will "belong to the government".

Muslim Rage, Arson and Murder following false claim of Koran desecration.

Microbe “Anticipation” effect

August 5, 2009

Here’s an interesting article documenting how micro-organisms have capacities to anticipate events, similar to Pavlov’s dogs. The scientists involved give a genetic argumentation — though it surely is more of an environmental stimulus forcing genetic changes (heresy!), with the suggestion of "inheritance of acquired characteristics". This would, by its very nature, render the genetic argumentation invalid, but nevertheless leave them with the raw facts that the microbes both react and anticipate.

The bioenergetic findings of Wilhelm Reich suggests the raw orgone energy which composes cells may also have this property, and be its source. It appears similar to Reich’s arguments on biological expansion and contraction, pleasure versus anxiety, which takes place in ameba also without brains or nerves. There are all kinds of implications which fall out of this.