The Life-Hatred, Sex-Hatred Madhouse Overflows…. 7 Aug.09

burka police babes 1
Madhouse woman/sex-hatred photo of the week: Obedient British Burqa-Girl Cops cover up so as not to "offend" Muslims whom they are giving a ticket to, or arresting. So much for equality under the law. No doubt, all British women will soon be required to don this attire, so as to "not offend Muslims". Then they and their men will be forced to walk in the street and gutters when Muslims are passing on the sidewalk, to bow and curtsey, etc., because obviously, it is "an insult to Islam" for non-Muslims to behave as equals. Here’s more:

Coldest July Day in Chicago since 1942.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy, America! (Tens Reasons Why)

Ten Things You Are Not Supposed To Know About Swine Flu Vaccine
Tamiflu causes sickness and nightmares in children, study finds

The Battle for Bacteria


Food, Inc – You are what you eat… better learn what you are eating.

Islamic Edifice Complex. Five-storey mosque (military headquarters and propaganda ministry for Islamic Jihad) with 120-foot high minaret watch-tower given go-ahead, so people in London will "know who is the boss".

And if you object, there’s going to be a "Muslim Police Force" to shut you up.

"Arafat Deceived the World When He Condemned Terror" — well, some of us knew Arafat was a Big Liar and terrorist-financier, and tried to tell others, but only got sneered at.

Abbas is no different. PA: "Every Jew a Legitimate Military Target"

Islamist Assault on the US Constitution

The New American Socialism At Work, coddling another Marxist dictator: Cuba no longer pestered by American Embassy news ticker.

Angry Muslim School Principal in Michigan Fires Christian Teachers, Punches Student who Converted.

Congressional By-Pass Operation: Unelected Uapproved Government "Tzars" (read: "Caesar", "Kaiser") will "Dictate" and Boss. Watch as the Republic is subverted. H.I.G.

The New-Liberal Islamist Alliance — Old-Time Authentic Liberalism is Dead!
Long Live the "New Liberalism" of Marxist-Leninist Totalitarian Socialism!


Alert! Muslims Discovered America! Officially Taught in US Schools!

Alert! Native Americans Spoke Arabic!

Alert! Mecca is the center of a flat-earth world! (This I can believe.)

BHO, HRC to Honduras: How Dare You Reject Communism!!

+++++++++++++++ Ethnic Cleansing of Jews from Islamic Dictatorships: around 1 million, and counting… Same with Christians and other non-Muslims, by the millions: attacked, beaten, raped, killed, burned out, run out, shot down.

While many in the USA revert back to eating SPAM, the Pali Death Cult killers can Eat Steak with full trimmings, and plenty of it, courtesy of Your Tax Dollars! $200 million in loot, which followed upon a prior $300 million in loot. In thanks for our largess, their leaders celebrated and stated "No Recognition of Israel, Ever!" Silly me, I thought the "path to peace" was paved with gold.
USA helping to fund Hamas Pedophile Weddings. At least a quarter-million of your tax money stuffed into the pockets of 450 young soon-to-be suicide killers for just this one event. Left-wing Pali-supporters have claimed the little girls are not the actual brides, but no alternative group of "brides" has emerged in any of the photos of this event. Just a lot of angry denial, as was happens when the Pali death cult does any of its other truly horrendous deeds. That Muslims marry little girls of 9 or 10 to older men is not in question, as 50-year-old Muhammed did himself with the 6-year-0ld (!) Ayisha! If this video is misrepresenting things, then where is even one photo of the 450 brides? Nothing has emerged anywhere to refute it, to my knowledge. The cover of my Saharasia book has a photo of one similar Palestinian 10-year old "bride".

Obama Neighborhood Spy System Being Constructed? Your neighbors will inform on you if you speak badly against his policies!? Retribution planned against dissenters? Post-Nixon-Era laws protecting citizen dissent now being flouted.

Already, the New American Socialism is doing this in Israel, spying and informing on Jews who buy a home in previously "Judenrein" regions of Israel, cleansed of "dirty Jews" by racist Muslims.

Honduras, Israel and BHO.

+++++++++++++++ BHO awards American Medal of Freedom to Jew-hating pro-Muslim UN bigot. White house explains: "…we are honoring her contributions to feminism, not her contributions to anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism." Got that?

Iran Prison Torture and Murder of Democracy Protestors

Acorn Black Panther thugs who blocked votes with clubs will not be prosecuted. (But if YOU did it, that would be at least a year in prison!)

Speech to World Muslims: "We Love You!" (And will look the other way as you crush women and openly slaughter infidels around the world.)

Geert Wilders still banned in the UK, but hate-spewing, violence-preaching Mullahs are A-OK!

Your PC and all the information on it will "belong to the government".

Muslim Rage, Arson and Murder following false claim of Koran desecration.

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