Swine Flu Fascism. Take the Poison, Or Else!

It seems the federal sickness bureaucracy is planning, with cooperation from state sickness bureaucracies, to make the "swine flu" H1N1 vaccine mandatory, in some cases with jail time and thousands in fines if you dare to refuse. Already, the most "liberal health-reform minded" state in the USA, Massachusetts, has passed such laws, indicating the Royal Oligarchy expects Their Subjects to do as they are told. Egads, where did all those old tough Yankee traders go, the ones who stood up to the British Crown, sailed the world, volunteered to give their lives to stamp out black slavery, who gallantly fought against fascism in Europe only one or two generations ago, but whose descendants today so willingly line up to accept the slave’s yolk upon their necks!

This kind of information, about jail-time and arm-twisting by Federal and State bullies is part of the reason why many people are so vocal and steamed-up at the Obama-care Town Hall meetings. There are many “do as you are told, or else” clauses found scattered throughout the proposed “health-reform” (read: medical fascism) initiatives. With one hand they will give out the medical lolly-pop, and with the other hand, take away freedom and quite a lot of the National Treasure. But of course these aspects typically do not get reported in the MSM reports focusing upon “disruptive behavior” only.

http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=14899 VIDEO; Compulsory Vaccination in America?
$1000 Per Day Fine & 30 Days In Jail For Refusing the Swine Flu Vaccine In Massachusetts

Meanwhile, quite a few medical professionals know something is rotten, and have openly stated, they are skeptical and will not take the toxic shots themselves, and are warning off family and friends.

Half of GPs refuse swine flu vaccine over testing fears

A third of nurses will refuse to have the swine flu jab

One has to wonder, just what is in that "vaccine" they are trying to scare and order the population into accepting. Or is it merely the "principle of the thing" — they order, you obey. Review the links here also:

Also there are plans to force people who develop flu symptoms deemed "swinish" to be forcibly relocated, to unnamed detention facilities. All for an "official malady" which has not created anything near the kind of "mass death" everyone in mainstream medicine and biology have been warning about. Remember how they did this with "AIDS"? That it would "wipe out Africa" and "kill half the population"? So far, the pace of deaths from "ordinary" pneumonia and seasonal flu are a hundred to a thousand times greater than from this so-called "pandemic" declared by the CDC and WHO.


State preps to relocate quarantined H1N1 victims

‘Your home and other less restrictive alternatives are not acceptable’

Well, you saw this with "AIDS" also and were warned that "medical fascism" is not some wild exaggeration or "conspiracy theory". Just remember what happened to Wilhelm Reich, for daring to cure people with life-energetic methods. Go back and read my article on this, written more than 15 years ago… it is still true, or even more so today.


Anti-Constitutional Activities and Abuse of Police Power by the

U.S. Food and Drug Administration and other Federal Agencies

by James DeMeo, Ph.D.

Be aware, the history of epidemic disease shows, sick people deported off to confinement camps have the lowest survival rates among all affected populations. During the early 1918 influenza outbreak, which followed upon the terrible disaster of WW-I that devastated so many people’s lives all by itself, military camps were often used to forcibly house symptomatic people, where death rates could soar to 80%. Some of the intense toxicity blamed on "flu microbes", as claimed from those early epidemics, certainly was partly due to the emotional havoc and devastation of the war itself, plus the harsh treatments and severe emotional destruction of people’s lives caused by forced relocation and incarceration, and whatever toxic medicines were typical of the time. And they use the 1918 flu epidemic as a model and cause as to "why" people should be rough-handled today with respect to "swine" flu.

For some historical comparisons, read up on the Pellagra Epidemic of the early 1900s. Thought by doctors to be a communicable disease caused by microbes, thousands of Americans from poor areas of the rural South, where most of the cases were found, were subjected to all kinds of experimental treatments, or no treatment at all. Approximately 100,000 died over the full period of the epidemic, which ran from around 1908 to 1940. Half were black Americans, and 2/3rds were women, and nearly all were poor share-crop farmers. Pellagra yields symptoms typical of a mild chronic flu, accompanied by skin lesions and gastric problems, so the people afflicted look pretty bad, and tend to get shunned like leppers.

Pellagra was later determined to be caused by a B-vitamin deficiency — niacin — which developed among poor people who ate corn as a primary protein source in the diet. Treatments were typically extreme "official quackery" based upon patently wrong "infectious disease" theory, much as we see today with AIDS and a long list of other things. For example:

The pellagra epidemic created a culture of "pellagraphobia."[13] Patients were shunned as "lepers" and ostracized.[8] The diagnosis of pellagra resulted in social isolation and despair for the affected. Some hospitals refused admission to pellagrins. Isolation of hospitalized pellagrins originated in Tennessee and became common practice in other southern states.[8] The unsuspecting patient was offered a plethora of unpleasant, illogical, and quixotic therapeutic options. Arsenic, salvarsan, calcium sulfide, iron, strychnine, quinine, autoserotherapy, partial appendectomy, and static electric shock were some of the prescribed therapies for pellagra.[8,14]


Severe "pellagraphobia" developed as the disease acquired a social stigma akin to that of leprosy, which left many victims and their families ostracized [11]. Many hospitals refused admittance to, and some hospital staff refused to care for, patients with pellagra; the patients were often quarantined; and elementary schools tried to bar children whose family members had pellagra [12]. The disease aroused a plethora of unsubstantiated etiologic suspicions that included the eating of moldy corn; inherited susceptibility; emancipation of the slaves; heavy exposure to sunlight (because the dermatitis was noted most often in the spring); and exposure to cottonseed oil (because the disease frequently occurred among sharecroppers) [6].


If you spot some similarities to the modern situation, where medical authoritarians are barking furiously and issuing nightmare warnings of doom (like Al Gore preaching the "end of the world" from CO2), then congratulations, your eyes are open.

Again, don’t get stampeded by all the hysterical claims about swine flu appearing in the newspapers and TV. There is no "epidemic" comparable to or even remotely approaching the big problems of the early 1900s, and most of the existing deaths cannot be separated out from the "medicines" typically used to treat people, already suffering from cold or flu symptoms.

If you want to avoid cold and flu of all sorts, then up your intake of vitamin C, and other basic vitamins and immune-boost herbs, eat a whole-foods healthy diet (to include healthy animal protein), and remove yourself from toxic environments. Use the orgone accumulator or blanket as a preventative. Now, THAT is what the physicians and government should be recommending — but then, I am often accused of day-dreaming.

And that brings up some interesting findings as noted by the epidemiologists in the 1970s, that you could take a cotton swab and gather mucous from the typical person suffering from severe cold or flu symptoms, and wipe that into the noses of volunteer subjects, to evaluate the "virulence" of the "cold-flu microbes". Those studies were all inconclusive, showing extremely low rates of infection, indicating there is something more going on in these cold-flu outbreaks than someone "spreading germs" — probably major weather changes towards cold-wet which influence the bioenergy levels, habits and diets of people, along with other immune responses which are linked to seasonal changes. Even the mainstream of medicine will accept that, the role of changing environmental influences which condition the "susceptibility to infection". But like most other really important science, those studies on "deliberate infection" were promptly forgotten, as the industry of vaccines, pills and anti-virals began literally "calling the shots", dominating as they do the universities and government agencies devoted to the public health.

Also remember, this is the same WHO-CDC "public health" system which advocates cutting off the healthy breasts of young women, to "prevent breast cancer", and also wants mandatory genital mutilations for all baby boys, as a quack measure to "prevent AIDS":

There’s plenty of evidence the current government is fabricating hysteria to push specific political-power agendas. They want more and more power into their hands, to control you like a herd-animal and demand you dance or sit or salute when they bark. They are "community organizing" the public health into a socialist-militia, demanding everyone obey when the whip is cracked. None of it will improve your health. Don’t obey, and don’t be fooled.

James DeMeo, PhD

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