Two Uplifting Items of Interest on Reich and Orgonomy

Two Uplifting Items of Interest:

Surprise! An excellent and accurate article on Wilhelm Reich in the Boston Globe…

Idyllic grounds belie tussle over founder’s research

By Jane Roy Brown

Globe Correspondent / September 6, 2009

RANGELEY, Maine – Viewed from the roof of the Wilhelm Reich Museum, the Rangeley Lakes melt into the sky along an infinite horizon. A blueberry field slopes downhill from this modern stone building with its multilevel rooftop terraces.

The puffy clouds and long views, the aroma of pine needles baking in the sun, and the pervasive quiet make it hard to believe that these 175 acres known as Orgonon were the scene of a little-known act of censorship by an unlikely branch of the government. On June 26, 1956, Food and Drug Administration agents arrived here to burn several boxes of the published research literature of Wilhelm Reich, the Austrian-born research physician and scientist who owned the property. (A month later, in New York, FDA agents would supervise the burning of several tons of Reich’s publications – including hardcover books – from his private press.)

… <snip>

Read the whole article.


On-Line Interview with James DeMeo, PhD

on the subject of Wilhelm Reich and the Orgone Energy

The interview may require a paid subscription or log-in, but should become free within a month or two of the posting. There also is a DVD version available for purchase, and a free downloadable transcript.


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