New Film and Conference Exposing the HIV/AIDS Fraud

The "infectious HIV" juggernaut continues to steamroll over the social landscape, crashing down every aspect of human sexual life and scientific integrity. On their side stands the medical organizations, the pharmaceutical industry, the hospital system, the state medical boards, the federal CDC, the private AMA, the UN WHO, the uncritical mainstream media, and hordes of ordinary people filled with sex-anxiety and hence easily herded around like cattle. On the other side stands a small handful of expert scientists and ordinary people, like David against a really, really big Goliath, armed with the slingshot of truth and fact. Here’s two items certifying the existence of that opposition, which slowly continues to grow. At some point Goliath will come crashing down.

New Film:

House of Numbers: A world without HIV/AIDS may be closer than you think.

In House of Numbers, an AIDS film like no other, the HIV/AIDS story is being rewritten. This is the first film to present the uncensored POVs of virtually all the major players; in their own settings, in their own words. It rocks the foundation upon which all conventional wisdom regarding HIV/AIDS is based. House of Numbers could well be the opening volley in a battle to bring sanity and clarity to an epidemic gone awry.

This promotional blurb actually passes over several very good films on the subject over the years. The AIDS Catch and AIDS In Africa were excellent critical documentaries from British Channel 4 Dispatches, shown on the BBC until it was finally and quite literally banned. We still have a few copies remaining on VHS, sold at cost, along with other books on the subject.

You can also get those same two videos as free downloads on internet, plus a whole lot more. Here:
They are "slow streamers" of low resolution, so you might wish to get the old VHS.

Beware YouTube presentations promoting AIDS Hysteria apparently deliberately bearing the same titles, which are not the same films. But YouTube will pull up other good items, pro and contra, using these combinations of search terms:

HIV AIDS Duesberg

HIV AIDS Perth Group

In any case, the new film House of Numbers, is already being shown in smaller theatres and film festivals world-wide, against which the Goliath AIDS Juggernaut is reacting to as if they were some hysterical screaming-sobbing-enraged-insane oversized housewife standing on a chair in the kitchen, blasting away with a shot-gun at the mice running around on the floor, asking embarrassing questions. Here’s a report on the social reaction to the film:

Hollywood Gumshoe: House of Numbers Unhinge Pharmaceutical Scientists

Rethinking AIDS Conference 2009


San Francisco (Rethinking AIDS) October 1, 2009 — The Rethinking AIDS 2009 conference is proud to announce its program, including keynote speaker Michael Tracey and a screening of the controversial new documentary "House of Numbers". Numerous scientists, doctors, activists and HIV-positive people will be in attendance from November 6-8 at the Waterfront Plaza Hotel in Oakland. Media are invited to all conference sessions including the film screening.

This conference will question all aspects of the HIV=AIDS=Death theory, including the accuracy of HIV tests, the safety and efficacy of AIDS drugs, the non-likelihood of sexual transmission, the social and legal consequences and even the very existence of HIV.

These skeptics claim HIV/AIDS is the biggest medical catastrophe ever adopted by the medical-pharmaceutical establishment. They have evidence that those supposedly dying of AIDS are really dying from pre-existing diseases, well-known health risks such as drug abuse and malnutrition, the psychological stress of a fatal diagnosis and the AIDS medicines themselves.

The conference’s keynote speaker, Michael Tracey, is a specialist in media issues, public broadcasting and "the injustice of the American justice system." Several years ago he said, "the news about AIDS was flagrantly wrong in fact and interpretation, but hugely successful in constructing a prevailing understanding, locking into modern consciousness the belief that here was one more bug to threaten us all."

Be prepared to have your preconceptions about HIV and AIDS shattered at the screening of the controversial documentary "House of Numbers" where both supporters and critics of the HIV/AIDS paradigm are shown contradicting themselves and widely held views.

Hear presentations and analysis from top scientists and medical professionals on the latest research on AIDS and why they have failed to create a cure, a vaccine, or even safe drugs…incredibly, the AIDS mainstream scientists are lost in a maze of conflicting results.

The media are invited to attend and listen to reports from all over the world and conduct interviews with some of the highly informed skeptics attending the conference.

For more information including the program of the conference, please go to our website or contact:

Siggi Duesberg (Conference Secretary)
email: info (at)

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