Muslims in UK without their “Peace” Mask


More evidence of Western Suicide in the face of woman-hating, sexually-twisted Islamic fanatics.

Opening the doors of democracy and liberty to those who are dedicated to obliterating both, and making slaves out of non-believers.

The event stimulating the Muslim fanatics this time, was the arrival of Geert Wilders in the UK to give a speech. The UK courts recently reversed the leftist Brown-government policy to refuse admission to Wilders, one of the few European leaders who clearly sees the Islamic threat, and dares to speak out about it. For daring to do so, the advocates of Religion of Peace have been trying to kill him over years.

Here’s his talk:

As I have said many times, even before Geert Wilders appeared on the political scene in Europe, the "religion" of Islam is more correctly identified as a mass-psychological expression of highly organized Emotional Plague, formed out of deep sexual misery and social violence, and now dedicated itself to spreading that same social catastrophe globally. The mullahs are the generals, and the mosques are the military headquarters and propaganda ministries.

And Wilders is exactly correct to compare the Koran to Mein Kampf. "Islam" means "submission", and the Koran demands of its believers an activism in totalitarian transformation of the societies where they emigrate to, in ways which are fully incompatible with any democracy or liberty-loving people. The only comparative example which I could think of, is to reach back in history to the time of the Christian Inquisition, when heretics and "sinful" people (mostly women) were being burned alive for daring to speak or act outside the bounds of what the mostly-celibate and also very sexually-twisted priesthood could tolerate in the regions they controlled. Another example would be the Shintoism of Imperial Japan, which considered their Emperor Hirohito to be "a god", and also reacted violently if anyone dared to criticize him. And so Japanese around the world plotted and schemed to support Imperial Japanese militarism, killed dissenters in their midst, dutifully sending their sons home to Japan, for proper "education" in brutal and sadistic military schools. Today, only the communist nations have anything similar, which is why Islamic fanatics and Marxist-Communist fanatics get along so swimmingly. Both are bound together by shared hatreds of love, life and freedom. Both have internationalist agendas. Both carry EP hatreds in their guts, and wish to enslave "non-believers", or more typically to just wipe them out entirely, as the history of both creeds so amply demonstrates.

The social-sexual backgrounds of these problems are given in good measure in my book "Saharasia: The 4000 BCE Origins of Child-Abuse, Sex-Repression, Warfare and Social Violence, In the Deserts of the Old World" —

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