Recent DeMeo Lecture at Conference on Water Anomalies

James DeMeo, PhD, recently gave an invited lecture on "Water as a Resonant Medium for Unusual External Environmental Factors", at the Fourth Annual Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water, held at Mt. Snow, Vermont.

Details of the Conference are found here:

A list of presenters and Abstracts are also given here:

Note from James DeMeo:
The water conference was a fascinating gathering of scientists dealing with the anomalous properties of water, to include the issues of water structuring and the "exclusion zone" processes wherein water obtains a highly ordered condition well beyond anticipated surficial effects. While I doubt if more than a minority of those in attendance agreed with me, my argument was made that they were dealing with an energy in water not unlike, or possibly identical to Wilhelm Reich’s orgone energy, though using different names for the effects. My talk was nonetheless well received in the best spirit of scientific openness, and intensive discussions followed which carried not even the slightest hint of the "skeptic attack" attitude which have become all too common in many academic environments. In fact, nearly every presenter had stories to tell of how their own work was marginalized or sometimes ridiculed and assaulted, suggesting similar Emotional Plague reactions against them as what Reich, myself and others have experienced, though certainly in most cases not nearly so dramatic or intensive. The papers by Gerald Pollack on the "exclusion zone" phenomenon, of Yolene Thomas on the Gurvitch "mitogenic radiation" experiments, of Shimokawa, et al, on changes in water structure from sunlight exposure, and of Vladimir Voeikov on natural cycles in biophoton luminescence all were suggestive of the points I was making, that there must be some unusual and previously unknown external energy at work creating the experimental effects. I would recommend to attend this Conference for next year, to any scientist interested in exploring the mysteries of water, from a life-energetic perspective or otherwise.

ABSTRACT of J. DeMeo talk
with Citation Listing

Water as a Resonant Medium for Unusual External Environmental Factors.
James DeMeo, PhD Orgone Biophysical Research Lab, Ashland, Oregon

One of the significant proofs for a new scientific finding is the independent discovery and/or verification of it by other researchers. During the last Century, there were multiple lines of converging evidence, suggesting the existence of a dynamic plasmatic energy existing within living organisms and water, existing as a background medium filling the atmosphere, and found within the deep vacuum of space itself. The biologist Frank Brown, investigating the external biological clock mechanism, observed an unshieldable cosmic solar-lunar phenomena capable of affecting the behavior and metabolism of many living creatures. “Tidal” forces could be transmitted through laboratory walls into controlled aquaria, for one example, where isolated creatures followed the rhythms of the lunar tide, which they could not react to via known measures. Physicians such as Harold Burr and Bjorn Nordenstrom argued for a specific electro-dynamic energy in the body, which they measured independently via bioelectricity and other measures, showing its similarities to the acupuncture energy of Chinese medicine. Such experiments typically utilized water as a carrier for the charge of this previously unknown energy phenomenon. Intuitive naturalist Viktor Schauberger argued for a specific quality of alive or living water, and made practical applications of this in forestry. Biologist Jacque Benveniste investigated and proved the memory of water effect, as employed by homeopathic medicine. Wilhelm Reich’s experiments indicated a specific life-energy, the orgone, which was reflectable by metals and more active at higher altitudes, able to charge up water, and possessed of cosmic, biological and meteorological functions. Biochemist Giorgio Piccardi also discovered a similar biocosmic, physico-chemical fluctuating phenomenon at work in physical chemistry, reflectable by metal plate, more active at higher altitudes, and possessing significant solar-terrestrial, biological and meteorological components. His findings showed fluctuations in the freezing of super-cooled water, tied to sunspot variations. Much of this same work integrates with diverse astrophysical theory which today argues for an interstellar medium, variously termed cosmic plasma, dark matter, or even cosmic ether. Physicist Dayton Miller confirmed a dynamic cosmic ether, moving faster at higher altitudes, and slowed or reflected by dense materials such as metals or stone. His work has been confirmed “down to the details” by radiophysicist Yuri Galaev, and others. All of these natural scientists undertook decades of careful experimental work, indicating the presence of a very similar water-affecting cosmic medium. They mostly did not know of each other’s existence. All were maligned and assaulted by the dogmatic orthodoxy of science. I have been privileged to replicate some of these experiments, notably using the highly unorthodox orgone accumulator of Reich to affect an approximate 40% increase in sprouting seeds as compared to controls. Another of Reich’s apparatus was evaluated for its ability to influence clouds from a distance, with basic confirmation. The effect appears water-moderated in most cases. Taken together these studies are suggestive of a major scientific breakthrough, ignored or dismissed prematurely during the 20th Century.

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