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Look who did NOT get the Nobel Peace Prize

October 11, 2009

Cindy Castano, working to end slavery in Sudan… No Nobel Prize for You!

And why should she get it? After all, what’s several decades of hard work freeing desperate beaten and raped slaves whom the world has basically turned their backs upon, out of fear to offend angry Muslims who support slavery, when we have this unaccomplished tall, slim man-child everyone can act ridiculous about? Cindy, you are just, sooo unfashionable!

Hat tip to "The Religion of Peace" website — and you might wish to surf over there to review their statistics on just how much "peace" has developed in the world over recent months since the Chosen One arrived on the scene. The right-side headline list is always good for inspiration and confidence building.

The Dynamite Prize was questionable when a top Nominee on their short-list in 1938 was Adolf Hitler — yes, running the Jews out of Europe was considered a real boost for World Peace by all the intellectuals. Hitler didn’t win, but was so inspired he invaded Poland and the rest of Europe. Another notable Nobel was Le Duc Tho, the communist liar who got so peace-inspired he broke every treaty agreement with the evil USA, stimulating utopian Marxist genocide across Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Then it was given to the appeasing Jew-hater Jimmy Carter, who endorsed the Ayatollah’s genocidal-dictatorship in Iran (a "spiritual revolution" didn’t you know), and got the Israelis to hand over a giant chunk of Egypt their military acquired after beating off yet the 5th War of Extermination launched against them by the collective Muslim world — in return the Israelis got…. well… basically nothing but empty promises. Then yet another Ignoble Prize went to the Dean of Terrorists, Yassir Arafat, after more arm-twisting of the Israelis brought him right into their midst. This time, the Israelis got… well… nothing but more empty promises. And what wonderful peace came from that! Well, I suppose for 2009 they figured the Jews had pretty much run out of spare land to give away to the Islamic terror brigades, following the last peace gesture they made, giving all of Gaza to the Hamas head-choppers… And giving one to Ahamedinejad was probably controversial, even though he did promise to make world peace by wiping Israel off the map. Some years ago, the critical situation of war-mongering in Iran was put under consideration, and so a peace prize was given to Muhammed al-Baradei, the UN Nuclear Arms inspector who helped both North Korea and Iran to develop their atomic weapon’s programs. That was just after the prize went to Kofi Annan, head of the UN who helped Saddam Hussein so nicely, to divert the “oil for food” program into an “oil for palaces” program, wherein many thousands died of malnutrition and shortage of hospital medicines. But this year, they decided, why not really do it right, and give a peace prize to the man who has publicly kissed more Islamic foot, hugged more communist dictators, and made more historically-inaccurate and wonked-out anti-American speeches than any other!

If history is any judge, when the Nobel committee starts handing out prizes for peace to people who haven’t earned any, and who are simply making more appeasement talk, its time to run for shelter, as all the dictators and war-criminals of the world certainly are taking note and measure. Iranian youth were already abandoned to the Mullah-sharks by our prize-winner, as were the Hondurans thrown overboard for daring to eject a Marxist tyrant, even while fist-bumps and smiley-face back-pats were exchanged with other Marxist tyrants. Poland and the Czechs were snubbed in favor of Putin and the restored KGB, which certainly made the people of Ukraine and Georgia feel like, well, they were about to join the big happy Russian family once again. The people in Afghanistan now stand to benefit greatly, with the new appeasement-accommodations to the Talibans, who have promised nearly everyone a field-side seat in the Kabul soccer stadium (and if you don’t know what that means, educate your ignorant self). The burka-manufacturing companies are very happy indeed. The Red Chinese and North Koreans are also quite happy about it, already grinning, and looking southward, very pleased with this "peace prize". All around Saharasia, every war-criminal and throat-cutting tyrant is very appreciative of the Nobel committee.

And interestingly, we also now have the APA and ACOG getting ready to reverse their prior stands against male genital mutilations, and in fact may push for mandatory circumcision of all baby boys. That’s in the USA folks, not Africa where already the WHO and CDC are pushing hard for this. It "prevents AIDS" didn’t you know — that surely will be sufficiently scary, like a Holloween Monster, to frighten everyone into mutilating their genitals, or those of their chidren… right?? Plus, under the new Health-Care laws, it will all be Free! Also all the new vaccines which everyone is scrambling to get — except for 40% of all parents and 25% of all health-care workers, who have become "deniers" and "refuseniks" for questioning the Divine Wisdom of the CDC — they also will be so economical, you couldn’t possibly refuse them. Literally. They will be mandatory, and you’ll go to prison and have your kids taken away by HHS if you refuse. Lots of new Medical Police-State initiatives on the drawing board! Just like the good old days when the FDA was jailing medical pioneers like Wilhelm Reich, and burning their books. All that good news, in addition to the new "hate speech" laws, which will make it illegal to write or say anything even remotely anti-Muslim or even anti-pedophile. Good that I write this now, before the new internet laws would make it a federal crime.

Isn’t change wonderful?

Meanwhile, here’s Mark Steyn’s take on the Man-Child Messiah-Virus currently sweeping across our insane planet, and for which no vaccine is presently known. One interesting statistic he reveals is, that the deadline for the Nobel committee nominations was early February. Which means, the Prize was based upon the Blessed-One’s Great Accomplishments in the first 12 days of office.
Here’s Spencer’s take, reviewing Poller:

The curse of interesting times.

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Campaign Against Female Genital Mutilation

October 3, 2009

Campaign Against Female Genital Mutilation

Putting pressure this time on Western agencies which sponsor adoptive girls from African poverty areas, but then do little or nothing to protect them from female genital mutilation (FGM).

Typically, these Western agencies have the attitude to "not interfere with local customs", so we have the terrible specter of young girls under the care of Western agencies being handed over for barbaric mutilation. It is increasingly also happening to young girls from Islamic families who immigrate into Europe or the USA. The attitude is developing and setting into concrete, that "we should not criticize"!

This approach of public pressure and embarrassment of the "helping" agencies has not yet been tried. Consider to add your name and comments to all four of the email petition-letters as provided at the website below. Then please circulate this email, or their documentation, as far and widely as you wish.

I can affirm the evidence from Kenya, where Protestant health clinics which opposed FGM helped to end it in the areas under their control, while those run by the Catholic Church, which had the policy of "non-interference", it still happens at very high percentages. It is an ugly practice which originated more than 1000 years ago, as a means to "insure the virginity" of kidnapped girls taken as sexual slaves in sub-Saharan Africa, and being marched off in chains to Middle East harems. This is discussed in my book "Saharasia". If you want to institute a change in society, it must be taken up as policy within social institutions.

James DeMeo, PhD
Author of "Saharasia"


Read here:

Will You Help Save a Girl From Mutilation? – by Jamie Glazov

Our research brought to light that to up to 400,000 sponsored girls who are marketed by the big development organizations PLAN International, World Vision, Kindernothilfe and ChildFund do not receive protection from female genital mutilation. We have started a new campaign, at, to protect the girls from female genital mutilation. We invite your readers to come join us.

These children are marketed in order to acquire money from trustful donors. The donors pay about 30 Euros per month – which means 360 Euros per year, in the belief that the organizations do all they can for providing a better life – including health for the sponsored children. PLAN International for instance, acquires about 72 million Euros every year, just by marketing the 240,000 concerned girls.

But asked about female genital mutilation on the sponsored girls, these organizations openly and publicly claim that demanding the safe protection of the girls would be against their approaches and against their policy.

So, by failing to demand, to stipulate and to control the protection of the sponsored girls from FGM, the organizations must be considered complicit in every single crime perpetrated against a little girl in this regard.

We are The Alliance for Protection of Girls from Female Genital Mutilation. We consider this simply scandalous and unacceptable. It is a crime against the girls and also a system of defrauding the donors.

That’s why we launched this campaign. It is suited to go the largest step forward in the direction of an end of FGM since the beginning of the fight against these practices. It could lead to true and immediate protection of a few million girls. …

Then go here to sign the four petitions to these development organizations:

Go to the "what you can do" link, leave your name and email address, and be sure to leave a personal comment if you wish. You do not have to be sponsoring a child through these organizations.