Several New Books of Interest

Three publications of interest presented here:


1. A new publication is available addressing the issue of peaceful versus violent societies. It contains an article on the "Saharasia" findings of James DeMeo, PhD:

Societies of Peace: Matriarchies Past, Present and Future

Edited by Heide Goetner-Abendroth

Ianna Publications, Ontario, 2009.

The chapter contributed by DeMeo is:

"Saharasia: The Origins of Patriarchal Authoritarian Culture in Ancient Desertification", p.407-423.

Copies of this book will soon be available for purchase from the OBRL bookstore. (Price of $40 US, plus shipping). Available in late December or early January.
Pre-order by email: orders (at)


2. It is worthwhile to revisit the German-language work by Dr. med. Stefan Müschenich:

Der Gesundheitsbegriff im Werk des Arztes Wilhelm Reich

(The Concept of Health from the Work of the Physician Wilhelm Reich)

Marburg 1995, 428 S. German language.

We have a few copies of this book now in the USA, available for purchase through the OBRL bookstore (Price of $40 US, plus shipping) but it will not appear on the website for a few more days.
Pre-order in the USA or Canada from here (in a few days): or by email: orders (at)

Order in Europe from PKHFN (at)


Another new book of interest:

Beyond Natural Cures: Naturopathic Psychotherapy — Ridding our lives of chronic disease.
by Dr. Aurore Adamkiewicz.

Available from the author: aurore (at)

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