A Message from James DeMeo and OBRL

Season’s Greetings
Merry Christmas!
Happy Hannuka!
A Heart-Warming Solstice!
Happy New Year!

Winter scene at OBRL Greensprings Center

Wishing you every happiness this
Holiday Season, with
Joy and Prosperity in the New Year

James DeMeo
Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory
Natural Energy Works
Ashland, Oregon, USA



Year-End Update

OBRL Progress Report and Summary:
An Appeal for Your Support

Winter 2009-2010

Dear Friend of Orgonomy,

As I noted in a letter a few years ago, the New Millennium, unfortunately, seems afflicted with the same set of problems that afflicted the old one, and no magical transformation of human character structure or social structure has occurred.

Readers of this letter who are familiar with the discoveries of the late Wilhelm Reich, will only shake their head in dismay at the preventable human tragedies and deadly Grand Theatre whereupon world events are being played out before our eyes. With luck, we are living in splendid isolation, only being forced to deal with local dramas of one sort or another. We know all too well, the fundament of these problems in the sex-economic disaster which grips nearly every nation and society on our small planet, and the technological complications which always promise to make life better, but usually only make life more hurried, high-pressured and even dangerous. We know also, that it does not have to be this way.

Flowing from the discoveries of Wilhelm Reich made in the last Century, there are practical solutions and answers available, at least for individuals if not for larger social groups, which continue to offer a way "out of the trap". Most people reading this e-letter will have taken advantage of them — orgone therapy for emotional clarity, gentle raising of their children, the orgone accumulator for immune-boosting, and so forth.

Here at the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab, where the new findings and discoveries of orgonomy are worked with on a daily basis, we are optimistic about the future, even if it requires looking down the road many decades, even beyond our own lifetimes. Such long-term planning is basically absent from human affairs, but it once characterized those "primitive" peaceful societies which asked how a decision today would affect things seven generations hence. And so, I ask those with interests in Reich’s discoveries to consider to support the work being undertaken at OBRL — we are one of a very few torchbearers for the future, and work to keep alive a body of natural scientific discovery which is absolutely essential for today as well as for future generations.

As the OBRL founder and Director since it was established in 1978, I am pleased to report a growing professional and public interest in the discoveries of Wilhelm Reich, with many socially-beneficial applications of the fruits of the science of orgonomy. Here is an update of the situation at OBRL.

* OBRL Greensprings Center: Education

Since the founding of the new high-altitude Greensprings Research and Educational Center in 1995, and with the assistance and participation of various skilled professionals, OBRL has offered nearly 30 different summer laboratory seminars and two major Conferences on "New Research in Orgonomy", attended by over 500 students and professionals from across the USA and overseas as well. My own Laboratory Seminar on General Orgonomy, which covers both sex-economic as well as orgone biophysical topics, will be repeated in summer of 2010.

OBRL also has continued to develop its internet presence and web site (http://www.orgonelab.org), helping to establish contacts and speed communications with interested people around the world. Our "OBRL Newsletters" provide periodic updates of research and activites, as well as announcements and informative bulletins to several thousand subscribers, worldwide.

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