Global Warming Fully Covers the UK with Snow and Ice

Hat tip to Marsha Adams for this revealing photo:

Quite an embarrassment for the NASA "Global Warming" team, which seems to never cease its efforts to obscure and contort the facts of nature. If you go to their website right now, you’ll see they actually have scrubbed this same photo, and replaced it with one showing only part of the UK, so you won’t get the "wrong" impression that ALL of the UK was under snow and ice when the photo was made. But it was.

I’ll have a longer post on the issue of the current climate situation in the near future.



ISLAND SNOW: Last week when NASA’s Terra satellite orbited over Europe, it saw something very unusual. The normally temperate British Isles were completely covered by snow. On Jan. 7th, from an altitude of 420 miles, Terra’s MODIS (Moderate-resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) camera snapped this picture:

It’s not only Britian. Heavy snowfall and record-low temperatures have spread across Europe, closing schools, paralyzing airports, and downing power lines. Much of North America and parts of Asia are experiencing the same brutal cold.

One Response to “Global Warming Fully Covers the UK with Snow and Ice”

  1. Ross Stacey Says:

    Meanwhile here in australia we are breaking heat records. Jan 11 was the hottest night on record in Melbourne. -33c.

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