Letter to a Friend on Global Warming

The name has been changed, to protect the guilty.


Dear G.

Regarding the problems with CO2 global warming theory, I would reference any number of books and documentaries which are available from the various weblinks of scientific merit on this matter:


See the right-hand list under "Natural Science" where the top ten or so are focused on this issue.

And of course, review the OBRL-News blog archive for what’s appeared in just the last year.


Also, assuming you are not living on the West Coast USA, West of the Rocky Mountains — which is about the only place in the Northern Hemisphere remaining a bit warm this season — you could take a walk outside and ask why it is substantially colder in violation of the CO2 theory, which predicts a constant warming, without the kind of leveling-off and even cooling as we have seen over the last ten years actually.

Here’s also the first segment of a very good multi-part YouTube worth watching, with Prof. Tim Ball, one of the Evil Doing Devil-Worshiping Baby-Eating Climate-Deniers:

Just as a reminder, and you can quote me: You can tell you are being spoon-fed a bunch of propaganda when it makes you behave like a "One Way" finger-pointing religious fanatic on issues of policy or science, when you not merely disagree with someone, but start to feel burning anger in your guts, when you feel so damned self-righteous even though you haven’t personally investigated both sides of the issue, and also start to demonize those whom you disagree with, based upon other propaganda which claims those "others" are evil. And that’s always been the problem with both sides of the political split — left and right. However on this climate issue the problem is definitely the self-righteous left wing politic, which has demonized any scientific critic as something like a "holocaust denier", who ought to be locked up for their contrary views.

Best wishes,

James DeMeo, PhD


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