Telegram for Al Gore, Obama, etc.

More of the same….
Climategate U-turn as scientist at centre of row admits: There has been no global warming since 1995
THERE has been no global warming for 15 years, a key scientist admitted yesterday in a major U-turn World may not be warming, say scientists
U.N. climate panel admits Dutch sea level flaw
OSLO (Reuters) – The U.N. panel of climate experts overstated how much of the Netherlands is below sea level, according to a preliminary report on Saturday, admitting yet another flaw after a row last month over Himalayan glacier melt.
Utah delivers vote of no confidence for ‘climate alarmists’
The US’s most Republican state passes bill disputing science of climate change, claiming emissions are ‘essentially harmless’
U.N. jump-starting cash collections for ‘climate change’
Says $10 billion must be raised to kick off programs
How being vegetarian does more harm to the environment than eating meat
Rare snowfall in Rome as cold snap grips Italy


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