Raw Milk Wars

Here’s an interesting blog which picked up Dr. Richard Schwartzman’s piece on raw milk, which discusses the Emotional Plague nature of the Food Police, and has many other items of interest on the subject.


Raw milk products are definitely highly recommended. Locally all we can find is some cheese items at the health food store. They definitely taste far better and it does make one aware that eating the other cheese which has been Pasteurized leaves you with a somewhat congested feeling. Some people with milk allergies report eating the raw stuff does not provoke them at all, and so they can quit with the allergy pills. Health improves all around, and that’s another reason why Big Government and Big Medicine are against it.

It seems the larger government becomes, the more they poke their nose into everything you do. Friends from old East Germany report the common parlance, which you could hardly say out loud in the Red Fascist state, was that the "government wants to regulate you down into your underwear". That phrase also captures some deeper understanding that the basic problem with Big Government advocates is sexual in nature. Their own sexual lives are an ungratified mess, which leads them to HATE ordinary people who do have some heart-felt love in their lives. So they’ve gone plaguey and devote their lives to acquire power over everyone else. And once they can do so, they feel compelled to go around ordering everyone about, to "stop" this or "do" that. With government, the Emotional Plague character gains the power of the policeman’s billy club.

I remember a discussion years ago with Prof. John Bell who formerly taught a course on "The Life and Work of Wilhelm Reich" at New York University, on how this trend of EP characaters gaining more and more power could be halted, how the emotional plague in government could be tamed and removed. This was in the 1970s, when government was far smaller, and we were then concerned about the FDA’s war against natural healing methods. And surely FDA power has gotten far worse over my lifetime, as we creep closer and closer to a fully-blown communist state, and where our young ones have no idea how so many of their hard-left icons are like the Pied Piper, leading them down into hell (ie, Chomsky, Zinn, Moore, etc.). Anyhow, Prof. Bell’s solution was direct and to the point. Chop the federal budget down to nearly nothing, via meat-cleaver methods. All the rest is talk. If you give government money beyond the basics, they WILL turn it towards power-motivations. That you can bet upon.

Like when the Federal government passed "drug seizure laws" permitting them to "seize" money from suspected drug dealers. Yeah, that sounds "good". Stop the big drug lords by taking away their ill-gotten gains. But this law was quickly turned by the FDA as a means to smash down unorthodox medical pioneers using natural healing methods they did not approve of. So they would impound bank accounts and seize office and laboratory equipment from natural health clinics, acting upon "tips" from the AMA or local hospitals when some physician used an "unapproved drug" for treatments. And this wasn’t like a doctor using thalidomide or DES to treat women with an irregular menses or infertility, which was typical, and generated tumors later on. None of those "doctors" ever were assaulted by the FDA or medical licensing boards. No, they used the "drug seizure laws" to go after physicians who used Vitamin C or E to treat a disorder. If it was cheap and worked, it was considered equal to selling heroin or meth to school-kids, and SWAT teams came out to smash people down. Well, I’ve already written on that subject:

They are starting today doing the same with respect to raw milk products. And it coincides with yet another gigantic burst in funding and power for the unelected bureaucracy, which grows and grows. Like a tumor on the body. Seemingly little things like "raw milk" can be a threat to their power. It is health-promoting, and "disobedience" and so "must be stopped" by their Emotional Plague hate-impulses.

Support your local raw milk networks. Save your health, and defeat the FDA and other government bully-boys. And stop electing anyone who wants more of your money. Don’t feed the government tumor.

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