Offshoots #1, Better Quality PDF, Free Download

The #1 issue of Offshoots of Orgonomy has just been posted to our website, in a better-quality PDF file than was available previously.

This publication was produced by the late Lois Wyvell, Wilhelm Reich’s personal secretary, who passed away in 2005. The publication sold only a limited number of copies, and the remaining inventory sat in boxes in basement location for several years, before being rescued, cleaned up and offered again to the public. A total of 15 issues were published, filled with interesting articles by both professionals and laypeople, students of orgonomy and "old hands" familiar with Reich’s work over decades.

The first two issues, #1 and #2, sold out some time back, so both of those are now available for a free download at Natural Energy Works, the bookstore for OBRL.

Go to the above web-link, and scan down on the left-hand side list for Offshoots of Orgonomy. Click on that link and it will take you to the Offshoots webpage, which lists the various issues along with their contents. In addition to the free download, you can also purchase the remaining in-print back-issues, which are priced economically.

Enjoy! J.D.

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