Climate Half-Truths

Classify these under "Half-Way Truth Telling to Save Face from Prior Lying".

UN body to look at meat and climate link
This one is great. The BBC previously took their lead from pro-vegetarian writers whose claims were then jazzed up in public by an aging rock-star, "Sir" Paul.

"Goddess" Glacier Melting in War-Torn Kashmir
Here, the small details are buried in the story, notably that "…in 2009 scientists discovered major flaws with this prediction. A report published in November 2009 claimed the glaciers in the Himalayas are not receding and some have even expanded." So naturally to keep the hysteria going, they pick out one shrinking glacier for "an example", in spite of the "major flaws", to formulate another face-saving lie. They could just as easily have picked out a few of the expanding glaciers to make a headline "Glaciers Expanding in War-Torn Kashmir". But of course, that would go against the politically-correct agendas.

Wind contributing to Arctic sea ice loss, study finds
Classify this one under "oops". Well, who could have imagined that winds might push the ice cover away from one coast, and crunch it into another, thereby creating a false-impression of overall ice-loss. Well, any decent climatologist, that’s who. But the MSM — especially left-wing journalists out to make Socialism-by-any-excuse — will only consult with the indecent climatologists, as at Hadley-CRU.

As to the real ice-cap situation today, a quick look at the Cryosphere Today website (maintained by the Polar Research Group at the Univ. of Illinois Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences, using NOAA satellite data) shows a clear gradual decline in Northern Hemisphere Arctic sea ice area over the last 30 years, with the minima around 2007-2008, and slight recovery since. Southern Hemisphere sea ice area over the same period, however, shows a generalized dramatic increase. It was at its lowest point around 1980, with a slow increase in ice-area since around 1990, and dramatically increasing sea ice since 2006-2007, with a major peak in 2008-2009.

This agrees with all other data, of a turn away from global warming trends over the last decade, towards cooler conditions globally.

I will try to post two graphics showing these sea-ice trends into this email, but if they do not reproduce, go to the above weblink to get them.


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