History Lesson: Outrageous Sexual Violence of Islam

The sexual issues are foundational for understanding the health of a culture, and for predicting its levels of internal social violence, and how it behaves towards "the other" who is not like themselves. My extensive review of sexual and family-life conditions globally, in the book Saharasia, years ago proved the factual nature of Wilhelm Reich’s clinical observations and sex-economic theory: Cultures which heap trauma and abuse on their infants and children, and later crush down the expression of developing sexual love in their young people (ie, Romeo and Juliet) with harsh and deadly taboos, will invariably turn out to be the most violent ones. The converse being true also, that cultures with much gentle treatment of babies and children, and tolerance for romantic love expression within peer groups of their children and adolescents turn out to be the healthier, non-violent, and more productive and inventive societies. And in fact such societies do not have pedophiles, as pedophilia is something produced from children who are themselves subjected to rape and abuse. Though as with much else from childhood, the original memories are typically driven down into the unconscious where they continue to mould behavior and psyche.

So a key and critical factor for building of a healthier and more peaceful world is, the children must be protected from the pathological impulses of sexually predatory and sadistic adults. Otherwise, they turn out no better than the rapists who abused them, and go out to wreak havoc on the world. This is far and beyond the usual discussion on "sex-repression", which merely tells the young person to "stop" and "wait until you are married". This is, putting a child into the hands of a corrupted and violent male, who then repeatedly rapes them and then hands them off to another for the same, and on it goes for years. The destruction of the capacity to love, in any sense as is known in the West, is total and complete.

In this regard, Islam proves itself to be the most sexual twisted and damaged social structure in existence, given the preponderance and full legal nature of this kind of child-rape, of both boys and girls. So, that is Today’s Cultural-History Lesson:

Institutionalized Pedophilia-Pederasty Within Islam.

And how the non-Muslim world commits cultural suicide by ignoring this, even as Muslim immigrant communities continue to grow within their borders, bringing exactly this same kind of stuff with them.

This is a part of the larger problem of Islamic Sexual Slavery which affects both boys and girls.

Start by reviewing these:


Also here:

And here:

The problem outlined above exists across the entire Islamic world, and has poisoned the relations between men and women. The late Sir Richard Burton addressed the matter more than 100 years ago, calling the basic region of Saharasia the "Sotadic Zone", given how sexual inversion has developed there to such astonishingly high levels. He looked primarily at homosexuality as the major consequence of the Islamic situation, but in fact the whole matter of female hatred, the veiling of women and crushing down of them into sexual slavery, is another major expression. These are critical components of the origins of armoring question which Wilhelm Reich never had the time to investigate, as he never visited any Islamic nation to see with his eyes, a situation that was far worse than what he observed in chaotic Vienna or Russia, or elsewhere he travelled. These issues were firstly addressed as regarding the Islamic world in my Saharasia book, starting around 1980, though with far less detail than is available today.

Here is more evidence:

Islamic Pedophilia in Practice (Video)

Pedophilia & Islam: Allowed by Allah; Practised & Patronized by Prophet Muhammad
by Ayesha Ahmed

A Complete Guide to Pedophilia in Islam
by Amar Khan

Islam and Pedophilia

Videos on Islam: Pedophilia

This is the social background of the Talibans and al-Qaeda killers, of the Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists, and of the Iranian Mullahs, the Royal Families of the Persian Gulf oil shieks, of goat-herders in Yemen or Sudan, the Algerian Islamic fanatics who in their zeal to drive out the remaining French influences will throat-cut young unveiled women and even babies, after gang-raping them of course. And so on.

Lets view the ugly reality, without pulling punches. Here, one brave Swedish cartoonist captures the essence of Islamic pedophilia – the "ideal man" Muhammed at 53, with his 9-year old "wife", getting ready for the bed. This is an all-too-frequent reality across the Islamic world.

Suède : Mahomet “à poil” sur les affiches d’un parti politique
If you find this stuff offensive (and you should!) then don’t blame the messenger.

Islamic Pedophilia also comes to Islamic communities in the West:

Muslims “Import Brides” Destabilize Dutch Society

Destabilizing Western Society Through Import Brides, Polygamy, Islamist Terrorism and Crime

Islamic Pedophilia Now Rampant in the Netherlands

These are not "isolated cases" from individual insane sexual predators. It is part of a system and way of life, of a totalitarian culture which is smugly arrogant and proud of its pathos, and filled with hatred of anything that is healthier than itself . Go read Reich again on the Emotional Plague, if you need a reminder.

Incredible that the prevailing "status quo" liberal Dutch think this is OK, and call Geert Wilders a "right wing racist" for wanting to put a stop to it.

Also, here is more relevant Islam news, which shows how they do it, how they get away with this murderous hatred and sexual violence.


In France, they have prepared a new law forbidding full facial veiling of women and girls in public. If such a woman is found with full veil, or a girl-child, they will be fined, and it goes to being a criminal offense if the violations are frequent. It is an effort to stop the deliberate effort by Muslim men to keep their women in a low status, and to import the widespread concepts of "sexual dirtiness" and "female sex dirtiness" into France.

Now, just before this law can happen, a policeman stops a woman driving a car with full facial veiling. He says, she cannot see and so is an unsafe driver with that rag on her head.

I include a photo of her, here:

If this nice picture of the beautiful lady does not copy, then you can see at the link above, which gives the full story, which today is a big scandal in France, but I doubt if you will hear about it.

The left-wing asks, why get upset about such a veil. Ignore it, they say. That is a reasonable question, but is based upon a terrible ignorance. Such facial veiling (note in the photo, the husband does not wear any such veil) it is a symbol of Islamic conquest, of the male brutality and conquest over the female and should not be tolerated in a free society. So say the moderates, concerned for their culture and children. And this one case proves the moderates (accused as "right-wing") are correct. Read on.

As publicity came on this case, it turns out the woman is one of four wives of a polygamist Algerian immigrant. The guy is networked with Algerian terror groups. The four wives have 12 children from him, collectively. They all separately go to the social services using their maiden names, claiming to be single women. "Oh Boo Hoo help me, my husband abandoned me with these six kids, and I have no job, etc., boo hoo." So the French people are not monsters, and will give this woman plenty of social welfare, for all six kids too — an apartment, food, clothes, car, education for the kids, you name it. How much for just that one wife? 3000 Euro per month? Times four wives that’s 12,000 Euro, per month! 144,000 Euro per year. French people, where is the end of your generosity?! Don’t you think this guy is telling all his friends to come and do the same? So you wonder why your economy is suffering? Why so many of these Muslim guys ride around in Mercedes and wear slick clothes, flying here and there in the world like money is nothing, and laughing with contempt at the stupid dhimmi Western people. It is not like the shabby immigrants from Russia or elsewhere, whose clothes immediately show they are in poverty. No, they are wearing the best clothing, the men, even as their slave-women walk under full black curtains, suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and so always speaking in support of their tormentors.

So for years this entire "family" of slave-women and unplanned children, with one despotic conniving criminal male collects state welfare benefits, a type of Jihad to rob from the dirty infidels he hates, that he’d like to kill or enslave, but cannot yet do so because there aren’t enough of him and his buddies to do it. So every Muslim man want four dummy slave-wives and 25 kids, and get their hundred-thousand-plus Euros each year, for doing nothing but being a criminal thief and rapist, so in a few years they can take over. This is what they call "Immigration Jihad". That is their word, their definition also. And it is crafted, plotted and well thought-out, planned through the system of mosques and mullahs, even as they smile for the Western TV cameras and spray perfume about the "religion of peace", and also about the "dirty Jew".

Here, from their own mouths:

“One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.” so said the former president of Algeria, Boumedienne.

Believe him.

When that day comes, the sons and daughters of Europe will become the dhimmi slave dancing boys and child bride pedophile victims of Islam. But of course, the political left doesn’t care about that, because the Muslims are a new "voting block". "Capitalism" is the real enemy. And children can’t vote. If they could, they would vote to throw the apologists for Islamic child-rape into the Iceland volcano.


One Response to “History Lesson: Outrageous Sexual Violence of Islam”

  1. donbill2013 Says:

    There seems to be no incest taboo in Islam, as Mo married his brother’s 6 year old daughter, and with him being the ‘Ideal man’, it must be OK. So for 1400 years, Islamists have been inbreeding to the point where there is little diversity or hybrid vigor in their genetic pool. This, no doubt, exacerbates their cretin behavior and mental lameness. Ever hear of a Muslim Nobel laureate? Besides Yasser Arafat (gag)? Maybe Nobel should give prizes for murder, rape and torture. Then we’d see lots of Islamist laureates.

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