More on the AAP approval of FGM

Intact America, one of the more active child-protection organizations, is taking on the AAP. They previously did a good job getting signatures to petition the CDC to not advocate the official medical quackery of boy-mutilation as a method to "prevent AIDS". Historically, boy-mutilation was originally proposed in the Americas as a measure to "prevent masturbation" and specifically the heinous disease known as "masturbatory insanity". That was an officially-recognized disorder in the medical journals of the late 1800s, and the Christian or non-religious MDs of that day, just as today, fell under persuasion from Jewish doctors that it would be a good thing if everyone did it. And so within 50 years or so, it exploded from a tiny percentage of immigrants, into a mainstream mutilation of nearly 80% of all men in the English-speaking world, where it had previously not existed. Today, it is promoted, also without evidence, as a "hygenic" measure — a ridiculous argument when one considers how most of the world’s male population is intact, not mutilated, and is not suffering from epidemics of genital disease, including AIDS. With hard work in public education by oppositional groups, the rates in the USA are today down to about 50% of all baby boys. That’s still 50% too high, and even Jewish activists have joined the anti-mutilation organizations, seeking to end them.

Intact-America is today taking on the AAP over its approval of girl-mutilation, something which the AAP did under pressure from largely-Muslim doctors servicing the Islamic communities, who either want to mutilate the genitals of girls, or who think they can reduce the more serious mutilations by doing smaller ones in the hospitals. Muslims (and a few Coptic Christians) do these mutilations for basically the same religious-superstitions reasons as did the masturbation-anxious physicians of 100 years ago. The AAP thinks a "small cut" will be sufficient to mollify misogynistic immigrants whose ideology views female sexual feeling as a dirty evil needing to be stamped out. The goal of FGM always was, to wipe out the female sexual drive. So this measure by the AAP, if it stands, will be used in opposition to existing laws which make FGM a criminal act. In fact what will happen is, with the AAP approvals, Muslim doctors will begin doing it, and test cases will then go to the courts. They will firstly do only the "little nick", and argue with smooth-talk, with arrogant proclamations that even if it is illegal they will "do it anyhow" so why not "keep it sanitary, in the hospitals", with PC victimhood and "religious freedom" language. "The Jews are allowed to give the holy sacraments to their boy’s penises, to cleanse them of The Devil of sexual feeling, so we should be allowed to bless our girls and rid them of The Devil of sexual feeling in the same manner" they will say. And the courts will probably go along with it, striking down existing federal and state laws prohibiting the mutilations. and thinking it will remain "only a nick". But from there, we will see special clinics devoted to Islamic FGM, just as exist within the Muslim world. And the horrific nature of it will grow, with full clitoridectomies, as nobody in social services will be checking up on such girls. And it will fit magnificently with veils, polygamy, child-marriages (old men to young girls), mosque-violence against infidels, and all the rest which life-hating PC ideology already tries to justify and defend. It will then grow and spread, and only 20 years down the road when older women come forward will the NYT or other lib-newspapers write a hand-wringing articles about "how could this have developed?", ignoring their long-time role in Islamic apologetics.

Evidence from clinics in Africa already have shown how compromises on the mutilations allows them to grow and spread, while strict forbiddance with criminal penalties and loss-of-license for professionals who do them, works to reduce them in a dramatic manner.

This must be stopped before it emerges into daylight, after which it gets social oxygen and spreads. The AAP needs to reverse this ill-considered approval of "the little nick", which will grow into full-scale FGM as seen elsewhere in the world.

Your signature would help. See below.
You can add to or edit their form-letter as desired. Professionals especially are encouraged, to take a stand, using your full names and credentials.

If this issue is important to you, to stop boy-mutilation and girl-mutilation, consider to get on the mailing list of this organization and spread the information through your own personal networks.

James DeMeo, PhD


25,278 Petition Signatures Delivered To The CDC!
(in opposition to boy-mutilation as an "AIDS prevention" measure.)

But now America’s baby girls are at risk!
Pleasetake action to protect them today.

In late April, I spoke via conference call with Dr. Peter Kilmarx, Chief of HIV/AIDS Prevention at the Centers for Disease Control, and several other officials from the CDC, to urge them to refrain from recommending routine circumcision for baby boys. I told them Intact America had a petition from thousands of you who felt the same way.

On May 6th, we followed up by sending 25,278 signatures to the CDC to drive home the message.

I want to thank you and the tens of thousands of intactivists who added your names to this petition calling for the protection of our baby boys.

It’s not over between us and the CDC. We’ll be in touch to let you know its response to our petition.

But our efforts can’t end here.

A new threat has surfaced, and this time it’s our baby girls who are at risk.

Late last month, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued a new policy statement calling for a lift of the Federal ban outlawing all forms of female genital mutilation ("FGM") in the United States.

We are stunned by this affront to 30 years of global efforts to stop female genital cutting.

Please send a letter to the AAP demanding that it retract its dangerously misguided policy statement immediately and leave our baby girls intact!

Thank you again for all that you do to help keep America’s babies intact.


Georganne Chapin
Executive Director, Intact America

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