AAP Reverses, Halts Approval of Clitorectomy in USA

Good news, and bad… Little girls across the USA can breathe a little easier tonight.

Following a howl of protest from multiple persons and organizations, dozens of letters from every quarter, professionals, women’s groups, private individuals, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) reversed and dropped its recent ill-conceived approval for female genital mutilation. Here’s a report:

Sometimes public criticism and protest works. Now, if only little boys can be equally protected, with an end to this violent contempt for the penis and male sexuality.

The bad news: Australia is considering an identical ruling to the AAP, to allow for "limited" female genital mutilation, which as discussed in prior postings will most certainly plant the seeds for more horrific mutilations later on.


A better solution would be to give a lengthy prison sentence and then deport any "Islamic cutter" — the sadist-specialists who travel from home to home and perform this butchery — and to likewise punish with jail terms and/or deport the fathers and mothers who do such a barbaric act, or any "health" professional who does so. There is a need for muscle and teeth in laws for protection of children against razor wielding sadists, with or without the "seal of approval" of medical organizations or mosque-leaders.


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