Medical Plot to Destroy Peter Duesberg Fails

Congratulations to Prof. Peter Duesberg, Department of Cell Biology, University of California, for fighting off yet another round of smears, lies and character assassination by All The Top People Who Matter in the field of Pharma Big Medicine.

Here’s Prof. Duesberg’s own website:

Below is a report from Nature, which gives their worrisome accounting of the events. Note the dripping twisted-mouth contempt when they spit out the words "vitamin pills". They never had any restraint pushing "AZT pills" or other toxic drugs which cost 100 times as much and already killed tens or hundreds of thousands. But if you suggest to increase your intake of A, C or E, then you are worse than Giordano Bruno, and deserve to be burned. Nature was one of the biggest attack-dogs against Duesberg over the years, a phoney-science outfit with ties to the CSICOP "skeptics" organizations, and so they did their very best to have Duesberg fired and thrown into some dungeon. I subscribed for many years, until I couldn’t stand their filthy lying about so much on the AIDS question. On my last count, fully half of the pages of Nature were composed of glossy full-color advertisements from the pharma industry. AIDS researcher cleared of misconduct
Berkeley cites academic freedom and lack of evidence as it wraps up investigation over contentious paper.

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