More on the NYC “Cordoba House” Victory Mosque

Here’s a lengthy report, a downloadable PDF, detailing the terrorism and radical ties of the Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, who is leader of this "Cordoba House" Victory Mosque program.
Feisal Abdul Rauf – an investigative report

Robert Spencer has more info, especially debunking the "peaceful Sufi" myths: (review the comments also for interesting info) Here’s another by Andrew Bostom debunking at length the "peaceful Sufis" hogwash.

Basically, Rauf is a cloaked terror-supporter and fanatical radical engaged in Takiya (Muslim deception of the infidels), working towards very dangerous goals which threaten American freedoms and lives, including the institution of Sharia Law in the USA — it will start first with Islamic take-over of smaller regions within the NYC area, which will expand over time to create Islamic enclaves where local imams and mullahs (trained in Saudi Arabia) enforce Sharia Law by youth-gangs, just as happened in many places within Europe. It is already happening. He should be viewed in the same category as the 911 hijackers, as they were plotting and laying plans in the period leading up to 911.

That report also carries excellent references and weblinks, to interesting historical issues and should be of wider interest than just the Victory Mosque issue.

Meanwhile, the Hamas terrorists approve the mosque!:

And just to certify the connections between the current Muslim In Chief to this Sharia Law project, Imam Rauf is now being sponsored by the Sharia-Compliant US Government State Department (under Hillary’s control!) for an around-the-world jihad-plotting trip… excuse me, "goodwill mission".

The socialist media is not reporting this essential information, even as Speaker of the House Pelosi — one of the most corrupt and deceptive politicians in the USA — just stated those who are critical of this outrageous Islamic Victory Mosque should be "investigated"!! (Investigated by whom? The FBI? The CIA? The Muslim Brotherhood?) No calls to investigate the massive billions of funding for mosque-building in the USA by the Saudis and other oil caliphates, where the most extremist Wahhabi imams and mullahs are the leaders, as part of the global jihad agenda. "Investigate" the funding of the American protestors, the family members of the victims, the ordinary conservative and old-fashioned liberal American defenders liberty, but ignore the massive river of money coming into the USA, into Islamic organizations across the land, from the terror supporting nations. And then denigrate the issue down to one of "zoning", as if the American public is daft and dumb about the central issues involved.

There is a major protest of this Victory Mosque scheduled in NYC near the Ground Zero memorial on September 11th of this year. The most timely and accurate information on this subject, and the protests, is found predominantly on the Atlas Shrugs website of Pamela Geller, and the Jihadwatch website of Robert Spencer. These should be consulted periodically for updates, as well as timely information on the latest Islamic outrages. They are both severely attacked by the same socialist media who shills for Imam Rauf and other Islamofascists (ie, CAIR, Muslim Students Association, Islamic Society of American), committing lies-of-ommission about their fanatical radicalism, ties to terrorists, hatred of the USA, Jews and infidels, etc.:

Here’s a specific update on the event:
9/11 Ground Zero Mosque Rally

Or, consult the website of the following new authentic human-rights organization, Stop the Islamization of America, which is sponsoring the protests ("dedicated to freedom of speech, religious liberty, and individual rights; no special rights for special classes"). SIOA also is a portal to similar organizations in other nations under slow-motion Islamic-conquest threat.

Be there or be Sharia.


Last minute outrages:

Victory Mosque mullah says he may take funds from Saudi Arabia and Iran for construction.
So, will the NYC labor unions go along with this? Will the same men who cleaned up the blood and stones from the WTC towers turn around and happily draw paychecks from Iran and Saudi Arabia to build this monstrous monument to the killers of their families and friends?

Rejects offer from NY Governor to relocate. Muslims do not bow to infidels.

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