Sharia Law in New York City

The following article is one of many on the fiasco and threat from the building of a new Victory Mosque in New York near to the 911 massacre site, where 19 Muslim fanatics crashed airplanes into the World Trade Center twin towers, killing nearly 3000 people only a decade ago. Called the "Cordoba Mosque" to commemorate the Islamic conquest of Spain, which was thereafter called "Cordoba" by Muslims, this unnecessary new Victory Mosque in New York City will be a place where Islamic tourists will come from all over the world, to celebrate and gawk and gloat over "what Islam can accomplish" (eg, the massacre and enslaved attitude of New Yorkers). And also to laugh at the incredible stupidity of Americans who would permit the building of such a center for the promotion of Islamic violence on "hallowed ground". It is, as former House Speaker Gingrich stated, very much like placing a Nazi Party headquarters, complete with swastikas, next to a Holocaust Memorial. Or an unrepentant Imperial Japanese cultural center at Pearl Harbor. The arrogant stupidity and extreme viciousness of the left-wing on this issue is worse than incredible, a clear expression of their having made common cause with people who would love to detonate an atomic bomb on the top floor of that mosque. Which is not beyond possibility, given how the current Muslim In Chief is working more for them than for ordinary Americans. I was going to say "than for his fellow countrymen", but that’s not assured either.

In any case, the conservatives have this issue nailed down with clarity, while the liberals are still too-frequently soaking up the deliberate disinfo from the radical left and defending the indefensible, the "indefensible" being something called Sharia Law. Which is to say, the law by which all regular, ordinary Muslims are supposed to live by on a daily basis, and which governs the Islamic world today. Sharia Law also de-facto is the law in Islamic neighborhoods where Western civil law is spat upon in favor of dictations from out of local mosques. If you don’t know what Sharia Law means, in a practical sense, then review the article linked below for a starter. From traditional Islam’s viewpoint, everyone reading this sentence who is not a Muslim is an unclean vermin, hardly worth to tolerate being alive unless they willingly adopt slave status, and who in any case certainly is sub-human. That’s not "radical Islam", but the mainstream Islamic view. And if you don’t know that already, you’ve been drinking the suicidal kool-aid from the socialist media.


The Tolerant Pose

Intolerance is not just part of al-Qaeda, it is part of Islam.

Non-Muslims are barred from entering the cities of Mecca and Medina – not merely barred from building synagogues or churches, but barred, period, because their infidel feet are deemed unfit to touch the ground. This is not an al-Qaeda principle. Nor is it an “Islamist” principle. It is Islam, pure and simple.

“Truly the pagans are unclean,” instructs the Koran’s Sura 9:28, “so let them not . . . approach the Sacred Mosque.” This injunction – and there are plenty of similar ones in Islam’s scriptures – is enforced vigorously not by jihadist terrorists but by the Saudi government. And it is enforced not because of some eccentric sense of Saudi nationalism. The only law of Saudi Arabia is sharia, the law of Islam.

As Sunni scholarly commentary in the version of the Koran officially produced by the Saudi government explains, only Muslims are sufficiently “strict in cleanliness, as well as in purity of mind and heart, so that their word can be relied upon.” Thus, only they may enter the holy cities. Authoritative Shiite teaching is even more bracing. As Iraq’s “moderate” Ayatollah Ali Sistani – probably the world’s most influential Shiite cleric – has explained, the touching of non-Muslims is discouraged, because they are considered to be in the same “unclean” category as “urine, feces, semen, dead bodies, blood, dogs, pigs, alcoholic liquors, and the sweat of an animal who persistently eats [unclean things].”

… *snip*

Read the whole article at the above link.

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