Letter on “Chemtrails”

Dear (deleted),

If I could find even one major component of the chemtrail claims that was supported by proofs or anything solidly empirical or scientific, I might have more sympathy for it. But I cannot, and have a low confidence that you or anyone else could provide anything which withstands serious scrutiny.

The “chemtrail” advocates also today include more outright fraud and photoshopped fabrications in their inventory of claims.

See here:

This contrailscience.com website is the best one I know of to address the issue from an empirical and scientific viewpoint. May I suggest, you spend an evening reading it. The whole thing.

This is also pure poison for orgonomy, given the frequent references to Wilhelm Reich in the chembuster and orgonite “solutions” being claimed in the “battle against chemtrails”. You will remember my own webpage covering that aspect of the subject:

Rather than believing in unproven government conspiracies about chemtrails, which require tens of thousands of people to lie and supposedly poison and kill their own loved ones and countrymen, I would suggest to apply your PhD-level capacities and consider it is the smaller number of chemtrail advocates who are the big liars and fraudsters, cherry-picking whatever they find convenient from classical medicine or air pollution research, concocting wild claims and photoshopping fake photos and videos, and other things to support their own grand conspiracy to sell plenty of books and DVDs to all-too-willing believers. In this regard, it is not too different from the widespread 911 conspiracy theories, about an “inside job”, or about the “evil Americans using HAARP to create the Indonesian tsunami”, or whatever natural disaster happens around the planet. And by no accident, the same people and websites promoting “chemtrails” frequently promote those other things.

I just did a small experiment, a Google search on various words related to these issues, and showing the following numbers of weblinks which came up for each of them:

“chemtrails” 2,800,000 weblinks
“chemtrails + orgone” 200,000 weblinks
“orgonite” 67,600 weblinks
“chemtrails + chembuster” 49,300 weblinks
“chemtrails + wilhelm reich” 43,700 weblinks
“Montauk Project” 38,900 weblinks

“Wilhelm Reich” 396,000 weblinks
“orgone energy accumulator” 89,500 weblinks
“emotional plague” 66,200 weblinks
“orgonomy” 28,900 weblinks
“cancer biopathy” 14,400 weblinks
“infant trauma” 13,500 weblinks
“Wilhelm Reich Museum” 3,920 weblinks
“desert dusts” 2,020 weblinks
“bionous disintegration” 282 weblinks

What this tells me is, orgonomy is being increasingly re-defined by concocted mystical nonsense, and that more people want a de-sexualized orgone energy without social or personal consequences, integrated into fantastic conspiracy theories about shape-shifting space alien reptiles, than who want the original and full measure of Wilhelm Reich’s natural science.

Best wishes,

James DeMeo

PS. Along similar lines, the distortion “WR Mysteries of the Organism” brings up 1,210,000 weblinks, while Reich’s “Function of the Orgasm” brings up 753,000.

One Response to “Letter on “Chemtrails””

  1. Edmond Maurice Peyroux Says:

    I may disagree about the validity of the research gone to expose the reality of chemtrails and other weather engineering military covert operations, but your points are well-voiced and much needed.

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