Islam’s War Against Women

Islam: where 50% of the population lives as chattel slaves, and can be ritually murdered by angry male relatives for showing a spark of independent thought or action.


The above listing is almost as shocking as the 100x longer listing covering the same period, and maintained at the "Religion of Peace" website. Here, if you haven’t visited lately.

A strong brew of truth, fact and reality, most of it censored from mention on the MSM.

Saharasian in pattern and construct, following a 6000 year old pattern which I’ve already described in exacting, depressing and heart-breaking detail:


One Response to “Islam’s War Against Women”

  1. Joe Six-Pack Says:

    Have you noticed how a number of public figures have stated that ‘Anti-Islamic’ attitudes are rising in this country? (The United States)

    I believe that this is because many Americans have and are doing what I did after 9/11. I began to study Islam. And I have been finding out many of the things that are in this article, and many more. It makes sense that a more Americans are becomming aware of what a threat Islam as a form of government is to our way of life. Keep up the good work. We need EVERY American to understand what Islam is all about.

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