TSA: Becoming a Dangerous Federal Bully?

Nobody concerned with their health should consent to be screened with the new brand of Transportation Security Administration "naked body" scanning devices, which give off significant ionizing and non-ionizing radiations, anymore than you should consent to being subjected to unnecessary x-rays. When the Airline Pilot’s Unions and Flight Attendant’s Unions recommend all their members not submit to the machines, but instead to "opt out" (which is the right of everyone, not just the pilots and attendants), then you can appreciate there is a problem, and the "perfectly safe" claims being proffered up by the Feds at Homeland Security are just eye-wash for everyone to "get with the program", no matter what happens to your health.

Also important, when you ask for the "opt out" procedure, demand also that the pat-down be done in a private area, by a same-sex TSA employee, and with a witness, as reports indicate they actually touch and palm-feel over your genitalia and breasts.

It is one thing to be concerned about terrorism on airplanes, which is a real issue. I am concerned about that also. But all this effort to force obedience and scrutiny on ordinary Americans lacking in identifiable terror-background risk factors is being pushed for one reason only: So that they won’t have to take the "politically incorrect" step to engage in profiling of passengers who DO have those risk factors in their backgrounds: Ie., people from Muslim nations, women in burkas, men wearing identifiable Hamas beards, or Hezboallah beard and haircut styles, people with passport stamps to Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and so forth. This is being done at the behest also of the Muslim lobby in Washington DC, which carries considerable weight by threats of oil price increases. So YOU must become a slave to Islamic demands of abusive treatments. Just look what happened on PC NPR Radio, when liberal reporter Juan Williams dared to say what everyone knows and privately thinks: "When people in identifiable Muslim garb get on the airplane, it makes me nervous", he dared to publicly say, and was fired with 24 hours by "tolerant" NPR. Meanwhile, there have been many incidents of "dry run" terror plots, and other provocative actions by Muslims in traditional garb, pushing the limits to see how far they can go before being confronted and stopped by fellow passengers or airline security. Actual Muslim terrorists such as the Christmas under-wear bomber, and the Fort Hood shooter, are given exceptional leeway and kind-hearted treatment by the Obama administration — which has frequently shown itself to be more friendly to Muslim nations than to their fellow Americans — and won’t even in those cases use the word "terrorism".

Also, the growing attitude of Federal Government "security" employees is alarming by itself, as mostly overweight and aggressive Little Men and Women posturing with badges, uniforms, god-like power, and more and more frequently with guns and legal authority to abuse them, is something no free society can tolerate. The more the Fed wants to control your life, the more they must field cops with guns to enforce what you would not willingly consent to. Obama promised early-on to have a civilian police authority in the USA "as big and as well-funded as the US Military" (the MSM did not report that alarming speech, but it is posted widely on YouTube) and so this TSA thing might be one ugly step in that direction.

So, don’t be a sheep, and go quietly into these "machines". Opt-out, and demand respectful conduct by the TSA people. Look them in the eye and demand civil treatment. Otherwise, what is today optional at airports will tomorrow become mandatory and then be instituted all over the place, and nobody will be respected by yet another gigantic and very dangerous out-of-control Federal bully.

There are other ways to accomplish the same tasks of screening for likely terrorists without mega-million-dollar sickness-spreading radiation machines, and aggressively perverse bully-boys demanding to feel down into your underwear, literally.

Read and judge for yourself:

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Below are some additional details and reports, but from less reliable sources.

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Columbia University: Body Scanners Increase Risk Of Skin Cancer

TSA: No Fondling, Groping Or Squeezing Is Taking Place At Airports



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