Verifications of Reich’s Bion-Biogenesis Discoveries – New PDF Article, English and Turkish versions

Over the period from 1996 through 2003, OBRL hosted a series of summer laboratory seminars for professionals and students, on the subject of Wilhelm Reich’s discovery of the bions, and his related findings on biogenesis, the cancer biopathy, and the Reich blood test. The seminars provided laboratory demonstrations reproducing many of Reich’s findings and concepts, and allowed photographic documentation of many of the central phenomenon. The seminars were team-taught by different groups of orgonomic professionals, to include Dr. Richard Blasband, Dr. Stephen Nagy, Dr. Bernard Grad, and Dr. James DeMeo. Many of Reich’s central experiments – such as the spontaneous organization of protozoans from disintegrating moss and grass, Reich’s incandescence experiments with iron-filings, charcoal and sand, Experiment 6 and Experiment 20, as well as the Reich blood test – were repeatedly reproduced and demonstrated.

At one point, Dr. DeMeo gave a separate presentation on the kinds of observations routinely made at these seminars, with slides, to the Second International Symposium on Pleomorphism held in Ashland, Oregon. His article on this subject "Bion-Biogenesis Research and Seminars at OBRL: Progress Report", appeared in the #5 issue of the OBRL journal Pulse of the Planet, along with related bion-biogenesis articles authored by Dr. Grad and Mr. Maxwell Snyder, along with another on the related bion-like sanal particle discoveries of Bong-Han Kim, as authored by two South Korean professors. Copies of that #5 issue of Pulse – which was also sold as a book with the title Heretic’s Notebook: Emotions, Protocells, Ether-Drift and Cosmic Life Energy, with New Research Supporting Wilhelm Reich – are still available for purchase from here:
(listed on the left-hand side – full Table of Contents provided)

This publication stimulated a great interest in the subject of Reich’s discoveries, and has been distributed internationally. Most recently, several persons asked when it might be possible to view the original color photomicrographs of bionous materials as made during those seminars, and which appeared in DeMeo’s article mostly as only black-and-white images. It was therefore decided to make the "Bion-Biogenesis Research…" article available to the public as a free PDF download. Here:

"Bion-Biogenesis Research and Seminars at OBRL: Progress Report" with color images, by James DeMeo, PhD Download as PDF 1mb.

This same article is also now available as a Turkish translation, OBRL’de Biyon-Biyogenez Arastrmalar ve Seminerler: Ilerleme Raporu, made by Mr. Serdar Çetin of Turkey, available here: Download as PDF 1mb.
Our thanks to Mr. Çetin for volunteering to do the translation.

The attached photo shows growing bions made from iron dust at 5000x magnification. They were created by heating the original iron dust to red-hot incandescence, then plunging into a sterile KCl solution (0.1 N). The solution was autoclaved, and photographed here after 3 months of incubation. See p.103 of the article.

At a later point, it is hoped to place a more complete set of slides from Dr. DeMeo’s larger presentation to the Second International Symposium on Pleomorphism onto a video. Watch for future announcements.

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