Rickets: Side Effect of Solar-UV and Sex-Anxiety Hysteria

For years it has been speculated that the rise in skin cancer today is caused by increasing Solar ultraviolent radiation (UV) exposure. However, this claim is unproven, and attributed to an equally unproven claim the ozone hole has increased in size.

Other lines of argument have been developed, which appear more likely. The increases in skin cancer may be due, instead, to the widespread use of UV-blocking "sunscreen" creams and oils, which people religiously slather all over their skin before going outdoors. This fear-hatred of the Sun has grown to hysterical proportions, to the point where babies are chronically shielded from sunlight, by some misguided parents. And that has public health consequences all by itself.

Since Vitamin D synthesis is dependent upon sunlight, this has led to increases in diseases related to Vitamin D deficiency, among which is Rickets in children. This is a disease typically found in third-world nations suffering from malnutrition, or in Muslim nations among women, where girl-children are chronically shielded from sunlight due to sex-anxiety and constant wearing of body-shielding veils, burkas, chadors, naquibs, and burkas.

Women could endanger their health by wearing burqas


Muslim women in Ireland warned that wearing burqa may cause vitamin D deficiency and related disorders


To underscore the anti-sex hysteria in the Muslim world, about women showing a bit of skin in public, recall the terrible events the last time there was a bathing-beauty contest in the Muslim world. Following newspaper reports on the event, fanatical woman-hating mullahs incited the local young men to riot and burn down newspaper and government offices, Christian churches and other buildings, killing over 100 people. Such violent woman-hating young men are typically the victims of mullah- and male-relative sexual abuse, which is at epidemic levels in the Muslim world. But the Islamic brainwash blames their misery upon women, Jews, foreigners and such — by scapegoating methods described in Reich’s "Mass Psychology of Fascism", except being even more extremist than what he described for the Nazi movement. Young men in any other world culture would be fantastically happy to see pretty girls in bathing suits, but these Muslim guys only wanted to stab them with knives or burn them alive. Not able to get their claws on the young women, they went rioting in the streets, killing any non-Muslim they could get their hands on.

100 Die in Nigerian Riot over Miss World Article


While the women of Islam may be forced to cover up, to save their skins from the violent fanatics in their culture, in the West our "brightest and best" have fanned hysteria about "toxic sunlight" (a lie), and so also push for everyone to "cover up". Part of this Western push has profited the Medical Industry no less, which has provided all sorts of questionable potions to slather on the skin. However, the sun creams which are most effective in blocking UV are filled with heavy metals, the same kinds which we know can cause cancers in people and laboratory animals when ingested. Such heavy-metal ingredients are forbidden in your drinking water, and they create deadly effects in farm animals and field crops. However, the same FDA which burned Reich’s books, and today sends SWAT teams to chase after dairy farms selling raw milk cheese, happily allows use of heavy-metal toxins in skin creams! However, the human skin is a highly sensitive and absorbant living surface, which takes in those heavy metals where they accumulate, and then constitute a potential cause for skin disorders, including skin cancer. The heavy metals are also frequently in the nano-particle size range, around 1 micron or smaller, which is the size of Reich’s bions, and hence can fairly easily migrate deep into the skin surface, where they linger and cannot be removed by washing.

Sunscreen made with nanoparticles may actually cause skin cancer


This is aside from the problem of increasing rickets among children who are either overly-protected by sun-hysterical parents, or where chubby little kids spend all day watching TV and doing computer games, and so never run around outdoors — as was the case throughout the history of the human species. We risk to turn our species into something resembling the miserable weak-boned, hairless and disease-prone laboratory mice, living inside self-imposed box-cages under fluorescent lights, staring over hours into Big Brother video screens and eating the processed-food equivalents of Purina rat-chow.

Middle class children suffering rickets

Middle class children in the south of England are suffering from the ’17th century disease’ rickets as parents cover them in sunscreen and limit time outside in the sunshine, a leading doctor has warned.


Amazing how this kind of thing could happen in the 21st Century, but never underestimate the capacity for the mainstream professionals to act like posturing idiots and come to all the wrong conclusions. It is a good reminder of DeMeo’s Axiom: Political, scientific or medical application of a flawed or inaccurate theory leads to social disasters.

James DeMeo

PS. Some Practical Considerations

Just for the record, here at OBRL we routinely operate a 15-watt 18" black light fluorescent bulb in a plastic case close to where we use our computers indoors. I normally advise against use of fluorescent lights of any kind, especially the ugly-light CFL bulbs, but make a small exception in this case. A commercial-quality small-wattage black light bulb, if it is housed in a plastic covering, will have only a minimal EM signature, and in nearly all cases will not create the irritating oranur which is typical of most fluorescent light bulbs and fixtures. We use the variety that can be purchased at the "big box" hardware stores. DO NOT use the kind of very short and narrow UV light source that is used by dermatologists or by geologists to create fluorescent reactions on the skin or in mineral specimens, as they give off the shorter-wavelength UV frequencies, which are not healthy in larger doses. ONLY use the kind you can get at a regular hardware store, as shown in the provided photo, and also as identified at the Ace Hardware weblink below. We keep one of these attached to the top of our computer screens. They are kept at arm’s length or greater distance, and definitely will ease the eye strain of long work-sessions, and does the same or better job as compared to the usual "Ott Light" or "winter-blues" light, which tend to cost a whole lot more. These are also great for your plants and aquarium, as well as for in your office or workspace, in any environment where natural UV is blocked out by typical window-glass. The frequencies emitted by these commercially-available black-lights range between around 330 to 430 nanometers, which is a part of what the Sun naturally gives us, but which is typically cut out by window-glass and eye-glasses. Ott shows, without those frequencies, people, plants and animals fail to thrive, and frequently show serious illness. He also showed many cases where use of such black-lights created a boost in health of humans and other organisms. Chronic living in low-UV environments leads to sickness, including cancers and other disorders. One becomes rather pasty and dulled in life-energetic quality, trending towards the existence of a cave-cricket or transparent lizard living in the dark underground.

The problem of a UV-deficient environment become especially acute where windows are given specific coatings, or provided with special gasses between the double-panes, to deliberately block out residual UV not already removed by the window-glass itself. The biological sickness induced by UV-avoidance hysteria was all detailed years ago by Dr. John Ott in his documentary video "Exploring the Spectrum". That video is still available as a DVD from our mail-order service, and it is a wonderful Christmas gift. While these UV black light units we use are no substitute for full natural sunlight, they will help against the kinds of problems identified above.

To get the John Ott documentary video, on DVD, go here and look down on the left-hand side:

You can also get a nice low-wattage and desktop-sized UV black-light bulb and fixture, similar to what we use, from Ace Hardware Stores, or other local outlets, or online using this weblink.
In case the above weblink goes dead, as it has occasionally, look for the UV bulb variety with this identification number: F15T8BLB Any standard 18″ fluorescent fixture can power it, but look for one specifically at 15 watts made from plastic materials. Don’t use the new “curley” black-light fluorescents with screw-in base either, as like all CFLs, they emit considerable radiofrequencies in the microwave spectrum.

If you are an eye-glass wearing person, you want to optimally situate this bulb from 1-2 meters distance, and high enough such that it can shine directly into your eyeball above the top of your glasses. If you wear eye-glasses which fully cover the eye, change to a variety that is more thin and narrow, allowing room-light or outdoor light frequencies to enter above the glass. If you wear contact lenses, I have no advice to give except to change occasionally back to glasses, and then go by what makes the eyes feel best.

As noted above, I typically recommend using clear incandescent light bulbs for all household usage, as they provide the best spectral reproduction of natural sunlight of any light bulb. They are even better than the so-called "full spectrum" incandescent or fluorescent bulbs on the market, which often have a bluish coating to make them appear more natural. Under the spectroscope, however, they are not as solar-appearing as the ordinary clear incandescent. Even the "Ott Light" bulbs sold today, bearing the name of the late Dr. Ott who did all this excellent work on full-spectrum lighting, suffer from this problem, sorry to say. Never use the ugly and radio-frequency emitting CFLs or other long-tube fluorescent fixtures, for the reasons of diminished spectral output, but also and even more primarily due to their low-level electromagnetic power-line, VLF and radiofrequency emissions. Only in the exceptional case of black light bulbs is it recommend using a small fluorescent, which remains only warm to the touch during operations, and never gets overly hot. The incandescent black-light bulbs emit around 90% of their energy as heat, in the thermal infrared, and so they get extremely hot and constitute a potential fire hazard.

Happy Experimenting!

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