Japanese Earthquake Disaster and Radiation Concerns

Everyone probably knows about the terrible earthquake and tsunami catastrophe in Japan.

The attending damage to their atomic reactors appears to have pushed at least one or two into a critical situation with heavy radiation releases. They are being described by news reports with the word "melt-down", so the issue of radiation clouds moving across the Pacific is of issue. Government agencies are typically down-playing everything. (See weblink below)

There are citizen’s networks which have independent monitoring of specific atomic reactors in the USA (Three Mile Island for example), and a few of them are listed here:

At OBRL we have several GM apparatus constantly running, monitoring background radiation as well as special ones monitoring oranur effects inside an accumulator — we will report if anything anomalous shows up in the readings. Our high-altitude location makes us a prime location for monitoring of this event, should the worst come true.

If a radiation release makes it to the West Coast USA, the oranur reactions will create drought, as was noted in the 1990s following Chinese and French atom-bomb testing. Details on those observations are found in back issues of our journal, Pulse of the Planet. However, since we had a major climate shift back towards cold-wet conditions starting around 2000, the anticipated oranur reactions this time around may show functionally different reactions. We will see.

I am proposing that anyone on the OBRL-News lists who is engaged in similar background radiation monitoring, or who knows of other radiation-monitoring networks, private or government, to share whatever information they have. Pertinent and helpful information could then be posted to the larger OBRL subscriber network.

Especially any news reports of heavy blue glows over the Japanese atomic plants, or massive bird die-offs or disappearances should be shared, as that is a good indication of extreme oranur conditions. This happened at both Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, as noted in the published articles in our Pulse.

These earthquakes were preceded by a large outburst of solar activity, of several large sunspot groups – the first in many months – plus solar flares. This triggered off at least two major volcanic eruptions, in Hawaii and Indonesia. Geomagnetic activity was particularly high, with strong aurora reactions, 24 hours before the earthquake in Japan.

This has to be the worst natural disaster in my lifetime.

Our deepest sympathies and hopes for recovery go out to the Japanese people.

James DeMeo


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  1. Margot Das Says:

    Good work. Thank you.

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