UPDATE on Japanese Reactor Accident 22:27 – 16 March 2011

UPDATE on Japanese Reactor Accident
and West Coast USA Radiation
22:27 hrs – 16 March 2011

A recent news item indicates the plume of radiation from the Japanese reactor accident will enter the US West Coast on Friday, 18 March.


The NY Times also provides an independent weather forecast interactive that plots the movement of the presumed radioactive clouds.


This interactive is approximately the same time-line as provided in the weblink given yesterday from an Austrian meteorological website:


Yesterday when this was posted, I failed to notice the end-point of their animation also ends on 18 March, Friday. So it was an error to say the cloud was already approaching the coast. As of noontime today, Wednesday 16 March, the cloud was just passing north of Hawaii.

The intensity of the radiation in both of these interactive graphics is based upon many assumptions, so we really won’t know what’s going to happen until some "ground truth" observation and measurements are made, directly into the cloud area. One hopes the US Government would make such measurements soon, and honestly report the results to the public. One article suggests this is going to happen.


Unfortunately, we still have the specter of prior public lying by officials of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency, just as in the CDC, Big Medicine, and a dozen other government bureaucracies and private Mega-Corporate entities, regarding nuclear power plant accidents and other critical issues in the USA. Nobody ever got fired for any of that, and the same people are still around, running the show. Consequently, it is not surprising to read there are conflicting recommendations from both public and private sources on whether or not people on the West Coast are at risk, should take precautions, whether or not one should take iodide compounds, etc. It beggars belief that government agencies or the military would not have already sent aircraft into these radiation clouds to sample them, determine their levels of radiation and toxicity, etc., but so far I have heard nothing being reported on the subject.

The bottom line appears to be, you are on your own, or reliant upon only private citizen’s networks to give independent analysis of the situation.

Thankfully we now have two independent citizen monitoring networks for radiation detection and reporting. One I have already posted a notice about:


This next one, however, is newly reported only now:


Taken together, these two reporting networks provide reports from seven different stations on the West Coast USA, with another located in Southwestern Canada.

So, bookmark these and pay attention starting on late Thursday (tomorrow) or early Friday.

James DeMeo, PhD
Orgone Biophysical Research Lab

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