Two New Articles

New Articles on Orgonomic Science

A few months ago, an announcement went out for two of my recently-published articles on orgone biophysics, one being available as a free PDF download. These included one item in Edge Science, a publication of the Society for Scientific Exploration, and was available as a free PDF download directly from their website. The other was available with a subscription to the journal Subtle Energies, a peer-reviewed publication of the ISSSEEM organization.

My thanks once again to the editors of both those publications for their kind invitation to submit my work, as well as to Dr. Richard Blasband, who helped open doors in both cases.

Today, these articles are available for direct PDF-download:

Subtle Energies Vol.20, No.3, p.17-32
Experimental investigations were undertaken by the author, of the thermal anomaly (To-T) inside the orgone energy accumulator (ORAC), a phenomenon firstly observed by the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who invented the ORAC device. This thermal anomaly, by the theory of Reich, is produced from the rarified motional-pulsating orgone energy continuum which is concentrated inside the ORAC, producing a frictional thermal heating of the air. Discussion is given on the experimental proofs standing behind Reich’s theory and claims, drawing attention to similar concepts in the modern sciences. The orgone energy is similar in many respects to the older luminiferous cosmic ether in that it fills all space, but also fulfills the role of an atmospheric-biological life-energy, in that it is pulsatory and excitable, and charges living tissues. In the To-T experiment, air temperature was measured inside the upper part of a 10 cm cubical ORAC, and contrasted to the temperature within a thermally-balanced but non-orgone-accumulating Control enclosure, following the protocols of Reich. Exceptional care was taken in the construction of the apparatus and in control procedures, with instrumentation calibrated down to ~0.002°C. The experiment was undertaken in a well-ventilated but fully dark-shaded outdoor thermal shelter specially constructed for the evaluations. Under the optimal conditions for ORAC functioning (i.e., low humidity, light or no winds, clear skies), a cyclical positive thermal anomaly was systematically detected, with an average of +0.13°C differential in two 10-day experimental runs presented here, with maxima peaking daily around +0.5°C warmer than the Control, and minima at around -0.1°C. The experiments confirmed Reich’s claims of a slight spontaneous heating effect inside the ORAC, which has no known energy source by classical “empty space” determinations.

Following the Red Thread of
Wilhelm Reich: A Personal Adventure
Edge Science 5, October-December 2010, p.11-16.
I read Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s book, Selected Writings, when still an undergraduate student, and found it both exciting and stunning. I could hardly put it down. The book outlined an entire set of new discoveries, ranging from the biology of sexuality, to emotions and cancer, and hence into biophysics, atmospheric science, and cosmology. With amazement, I learned his books had been banned and burned, first in Europe, then later by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which also engineered Reich’s death in prison. This only fed my curiosity. Only scientists of historical significance suffered such a fate. His life-energy science, called orgonomy-after the orgone energy he discovered-offered so many hopeful developments for a suffering humanity. I could not rest easy without knowing for certain: Was it true? Or not? And so I followed the red thread Reich left behind, as in the myth of Ariadne in the Labyrinth, following wherever it led. … (go to the weblink for the full article)

Two of my other publications will soon appear. One is a chapter in a new book on Gravitation, edited by Prof. Hector Munera as a memoir to the late Nobel Prize winner Maurice Allais. My contribution to that book details Prof. Dayton Miller’s experimental work, and that of others detecting the cosmic ether of space, which was important to the physics theories and pendulum experiments of Dr. Allais. Some may recall, one of Dr. Allais’ articles appeared in the #5 issue of our own journal Pulse of the Planet. Overall, the resurgence of interest in the cosmic ether of space by some elements of modern astrophysics, provides an important conceptual support to the findings of Reich, and to my own work generally.

Another large paper of mine also has cleared peer-review for a mainstream journal on the physical chemistry and biology of water, discussing the relationship of Reich’s orgone energy discoveries to unresolved questions in biology and physics, on water structure and activation, as well as to related astrophysical questions on the "blueness" of cosmic space "dark matter" and related topics.

Both of these publications these will be announced with appropriate access or purchase links, once they become available.

All of these publications are appearing outside of the usual orgonomy journals, several are mainstream and peer-reviewed, and all were invited papers – meaning, the editors invited the submissions, based upon my prior publications and lectures. This reflects a growing appreciation for serious orgonomic research within at least some branches of mainstream science, and a significant thawing-out of the prior situation (known from personal experience) where the mere mention of "Wilhelm Reich" or "orgone energy" as a citation within a scientific paper would doom it to immediate rejection.

James DeMeo, PhD
Director of OBRL

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