TSA now doing sexual gropes and x-ray at schools

Well, we knew the TSA had "big plans" to subject the peons and serfs to their fantastically intrusive procedures, and here’s one good example — a "security check point" for a high school prom! I kid you not. If this is allowed to stand, then it will go further into shopping malls, federal and state administrative and court buildings (YOUR buildings, not "theirs"), and so on.

TSA agents grope high school students at prom security checkpoint

Two of the students filed a lawsuit. Hard to say if that would help given the predominant "pro-Royalty" and "anti-peon" attitude of the court system.

Meanwhile, the God Almighty (or is it "Allah" Almighty?) Federal Government has other plans in store, to arm-twist the population down into obedience:

Mothers crying over raw milk: Supporters of Amish farmer rally at Capitol
This issue won’t go away either, as the health benefits of unpasteurized milk and cheese products becomes more widely known. They not only are health-promoting, but taste a whole lot better than the usual "cheese-food" synthentic stuff which even school-kids turn their noses up at. And for those good reasons, the Federal cops of the Food and Drug Administration are furious about it, and are angling towards powers to arrest, detain and imprison all the people who manufacture or even use such things as vitamin pills, herbal medicine, natural cancer cures, or who merely like to drink raw milk. SWAT teams, heavy-handed legal prosecutions, illegal seizures of property and bank accounts, you name it, they pull every dirty trick in the book to push forward the agendas of the MD-Hospital-Pharmacy fanatics. And with Obama-care fascism, it will get even worse. Again, the goal is obedience and submission of the population, with the wholesale Federalization of the economy, Marxist-style. It is an expression of Federal government power-drunkenness, by the same type of sour-mouthed bureaucrats and judges, assisted by equally sour-mouthed and power-drunk MDs lurking in the background, who burned Reich’s books, and then danced on his grave afterwards. And they are predominantly Left-wing people, Marxist types, not your run-of-the-mill conservative American. See my article on the persecution and death of Reich, or the article by J. Wilder, for evidence on that.

LED bulbs hit 100 watts as federal ban looms
http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110516/ap_on_hi_te/us_led_lighting This one might give you the feeling that, Wow, 100-watt LED bulbs! Wonderful News. Partly, yes. They conserve energy and that’s good. They also don’t emit microwaves or have toxic mercury inside like the phoney "green" twisty-CFL bulbs, which nobody concerned with their health should use. But be prepared to pay $50 or more for them, and adjust yourself to dim light, and also possible eye-skin health risks. Also don’t believe the claims about their long-life. That remains to be proven. The CFL bulbs, for example, burn out relatively quickly if turned on and off frequently (as is the habit of human beings), and the energy-cost for their production very likely outweighs any energy savings at the home. The LED bulbs are better than that, but like the CFL toxic-mercury bulbs, they do not emit anything approximating the natural solar spectrum, which many of the old incandescent bulb did. Instead of a broad spectrum like the incandescent bulbs – especially the old clear-glass incandescents which were the best – the CFL and LED bulbs emit only discrete spikes of visible light, here or there across the spectrum. Combined, they fool your eye to think it is a nice white light, but in fact it is not. I give some spectral charts on this in the new 2010 edition of my revised Orgone Accumulator Handbook (click for info). One small advice, is to look online for companies selling whole-case boxes of incandescent bulbs, usually at a dramatic discount over what you buy them for in the usual stores. They can still be purchased, by cases of around 100 bulbs, and one case will last a year or more for the average home, giving time for the LED bulbs to become available at lower prices.

Across the board, whether one is concerned about TSA abuses, FDA raids on raw-milk farms, or light-bulb fascism, the solution is to throw out the Marxist cadres and mafia-goons, and smash-slash the Federal budget back down to something approximating its 1950 amounts – even with adjusted for inflation. The more money given to the Fed, the more meddling you can expect. Already they have spent Trillions to merely increase their power. Under the cloak of “saving the economy” they have worked hard to destroy it, using the Cloward-Pivin Strategy (endorsed by both the Clintons and the Obamas). If you don’t know what that is, educate yourself with a simple web search on the phrase.

If any of this bothers you, then don’t be silent. Raise your voice by telephone or letters of protest to your elected representatives, and do not submit. And if you find yourself on a Jury where some poor soul has been charged with a “crime” related to resistance to Federal Autocracy on these matters, find them innocent no matter what kind of pressure or evidence or rationalizations are thrown up to force a ruling of guilty. Only some widespread and good old-fashioned traditional American-style resistance to authoritarianism, with loud in-your-face complaints to government officials, will end these abuses.

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