Why Islam Must be Opposed

Read, and weep for the suffering victims of hate-filled Islam, an ideology not too different from Nazism or Communism, except that instead of hunting down the hated Jews or "counter-revolutionaries" for mass-murder, they go after young beautiful women who try to break free of the Islamic sexual-slavery straightjacket.

Photo: Muslim girl stoned to death for participating in beauty contest, "Justified Under Islam"


Muslim girl, 19, "stoned to death after taking taking part in beauty contest," Muslim Youths killed her Claiming Death was Justified under Islam


Outrageous. And this isn’t even the worst of it. Hitlerism squared, under a “religious” head-cloth-cloak.

Iran cleric: Killing Israeli children OK

Iranian Ayatollah endorses evil: Radical religious cleric known as President Ahmadinejad’s spiritual mentor says attacks on Israeli civilians permissible, suicide bombings a Muslim duty


Islam is the Organized Emotional Plague like nothing else on the planet. Read my Saharasia for details on the region-specific emotional and biophysical background, and Wilhelm Reich’s Mass Psychology of Fascism and Character Analysis for the original elucidation of the syndrome.

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