New Articles & Book of Interest

For those following the ether-drift experiments, or the anomalies in the behavior of pendulums as during solar or lunar eclipses, there is a new book available presenting important new information.

Should the Laws of Gravitation Be Reconsidered?

The Scientific Legacy of Maurice Allais.

Edited by Héctor A. Múnera

Papers include experimental works and discussions on various ether-drift experiments, including that of Dayton Miller, along with papers by Allais and others on anomalous variations in the behavior of paraconical and stationary pendula. Other physical anomalies are detailed, such as within fiber-optic and radio-frequency interferometry, and other subjects not give the attention they deserve with mainstream scientific circles, though most all of the contributors are classically-trained natural scientists, professors and so forth. At nearly 450 pages with 33 separate contributions by nearly as many professional natural scientists (including one by yours truly), this work is one of the most powerful validating statements for the existence of physical anomalies demanding the existence of a cosmic ether in space, as has yet been produced.

A full description and Table of Contents is given here:

Available from here:

The relevance to the work of Wilhelm Reich should be obvious here, given the similarities between the cosmic ether of space and the orgone energy. While not exactingly identical, modern physics will have to return to some kind of older principle of energy-in-space before it could move towards an idea like the cosmic orgone (albeit the orgone energy also has living qualities not currently recognized in the context of any “dead” ether).


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