Global Hurricane Activity at Historical Low

Not exactly what the CO2 theory of global warming was predicting…. there’s more CO2 in the atmosphere today than anytime since the start of the Industrial Revolution, but temperatures are still chilly in many places where summer warmth should have arrived in full measure by now. The up side is, fewer hurricanes and milder summers in most places. The downside will be, longer and colder winters with more snow. Prepare accordingly.

Maue (2011) Recent historically low global tropical cyclone activity:

In his new paper, "Recent historically low global tropical cyclone activity", Dr. Ryan Maue, a meteorologist from Florida State University, examined the last 40-years of global hurricane records and found strikingly large variability in both tropical cyclone frequency and energy from year-to-year. Since 2007, global tropical cyclone activity has decreased dramatically and has continued at near-historical low levels. Indeed, only 64 tropical cyclones were observed globally in the 12-months from June 2010 – May 2011, nearly 23-storms below average obliterating the previous record low set in 1977.

Go to the above weblink for further details.

Meanwhile, very few sunspots at this time in the cycle when we should have a whole lot more. Predictions for the c.2012 sunspot maximum of the current Solar Cycle are about half what occurred at the c.2000 peak of the last cycle.

An old weatherman’s observation dating to before the era of weather satellites is worthwhile to mention:

Storms on the Sun, Storms on the Earth

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