A Storm of Smears and Defamation

The malicious book of C. Turner continues to spread poison internationally, notably in many "book review" articles with the common theme of attacking the name and work of Wilhelm Reich. I won’t mention most of them, as it would only give additional publicity to what are fantastically wretched distortions and defamatory lies. All are within the mainstream media. But, most people with a brain have come to expect that sort of thing from the MSM, distortions and lies on a host of critical issues, which is why subscription numbers for most of them are falling like a rock.

Below is a letter I wrote to The Economist, following their unfortunate contribution to the public stoning.



Sex research in America
From here to eternity

When the United States thought sex was as dangerous as communism

To which, James DeMeo wrote in the comment section:
Jul 15th 2011 5:55 GMT

Mr. Turner’s book is a profound distortion of the facts regarding Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s ideas and discoveries. The “orgasmatron” title and naked woman book-cover should inform that it is un-serious tabloid Yellow Journalism. Turner’s description of Reich as “arrogant, influential, tyrannical and abusive” and irresponsibly quoted in the Economist, is false on nearly every account, as is most else in the book. Turner had to rely upon gossip and rumor to make his case, and then censor out all contrary opinion as found openly detailed in authentic biographies such as Sharaf’s “Fury on Earth”. Compared to the explosive popularity of Kinsey, Reich was but a footnote. And indeed, Kinsey gave him only one footnote, dismissing Reich’s emphasis for the necessity of tenderness and love to achieve a full orgasm, as for Kinsey, it was all a matter of hormonal fluid discharges, and it didn’t matter too much about how that was accomplished. Kinsey was in fact the true author of the progressive sexual rebellion, though many distorted Reich’s ideas to their own ends. Reich opposed the legal stranglehold the Church held over family law in his day, but also wrote about people’s emotional misery, the multiple unplanned pregnancies, abandoned children, bad marriages, the need for contraception, equal rights for women, the importance of gentle childbirth and breastfeeding, and the cruelty of circumcision. He vehemently opposed pornography and pedophilia, and considered homosexuality to be a neurosis. The “progressives” oppose Reich, or care not, on most of that agenda. But what better way to destroy Reich’s name and work, than by defaming him to have approved of exactly the pathology he opposed?

Reich was anti-pornography, so they call him a pornographer pushing “polymorphous perversity” (a la Marcuse). He was a Marxist in youth, joining the Communist Party, but the CP shortly threw him out, finding his pro-freedom ideas, and open criticisms of the CP leadership to be intolerable (he was then put on an NKVD death-list). Like so many modern conservatives who also started out as youthful Marxists, Reich became anti-communist after c.1932. But no matter, his critics will claim he was a Marxist-communist radical, member of the “Frankfurt group” (which he never belonged or contributed to), and blame him for the excesses of the 1960s. He was of Jewish background, and publicly exposed the sexual perversions of the Nazi leadership, getting on their death-lists – but some will hint, he might have also been Nazi-sympathetic (another lie). The psychoanalytic organizations threw him out for deviating from strict Freudianism around the same time they were asking Jewish members to resign, to better “get along” with Herr Hitler! “Reich is dangerous”, “Reich is crazy”, “Reich is a pervert”, they whispered. Burn the Witch!

Also, Reich’s orgone accumulator was never promoted as a “sex-box”, a dirty-minded claim fabricated his 1950s detractors, incessantly repeated today. Factually, the accumulator is an authentic scientific discovery, of great importance for medicine and science, and his orgone energy phenomenon is somewhat analogous to the modern “intergalactic media” or “cosmic plasma” of modern astrophysics, except that Reich determined a way to concentrate it for study, within his accumulators. They are composed of specific ferromagnetic and high-dielectric materials layered in an exacting manner such that it resembles a “hollow capacitor” or a Faraday cage. It has clear biological influences as verified by controlled scientific experiments, showing for example it has health benefits, can boost plant growth by 40%, and extend the lifespan of cancer mice by from 50% to 300% of control groups.

Published studies as undertaken by professional scientists and physicians are easily available by internet search – “Saharasia”, “The Orgone Accumulator Handbook”, “Heretic’s Notebook”, “On Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy” for example – but books supporting Reich never get such public reviews. Besides, look how better the mainstream sales go when tossing around Woody Allen’s silly concoctions, and naked-women cartoons! Besides, Reich is dead and cannot sue for defamation!

Reich is the guy whom everyone loves to hate. The Communists and Nazis both wanted him dead. The Psychoanalysts and psychiatrists hated his guts. The FDA thugs – who today use SWAT teams to smash up vitamin pill doctors, homeopaths and raw-milk farmers – took up the persecution and then lied to the US Courts to get its way. McCarthy had nothing to do with it. His books were banned and literally burned in incinerators by the ton, and he was railroaded into prison. One might question, 60 years after his death, why all the “people who matter” (mostly media leftists) are obsessed to heap filth upon his grave, to dig up his bones for yet another round of public abuse.

James DeMeo, PhD
Orgone Biophysical Research Lab

One Response to “A Storm of Smears and Defamation”

  1. dantes88 Says:

    I am your basic college grad, medical field. So I don’t understand the near constant bashing and defamation of someone who has a different opinion. I realize everyone has one (an opinion) but this is really out there.

    If they think the man is so inept why even mention his name much less his thoughts and opinions or his research. It smells like fear. It feels like manipulation. That if they scream loud enough SOMEONE will listen.

    But I do appreciate their efforts of keeping Dr. W. Reich in the limelight. More and more people will look him up, will research him, read about him, understand him – or not, but he will still be front and center. Thank you Dr. DeMeo for defending him and making the information available to us.



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