Dear friends and supporters of my work, and of the OBRL.

The last several months have been so busy as to make any kind of update postings quite impossible. Soon, however, I will be sharing the following:

1. A new OBRL Newsletter, sometime in early December, which will elaborate on all of the items mentioned below, plus more. For those who are new to the subscriber lists, you can access the older OBRL Newsletters without charge from this weblink:

2. A new YouTube video posting, detailing some of my work experimentally reproducing a few of the basic bion-biogenesis experiments of Wilhelm Reich. Over the coming months, I will be posting up new YouTubes of my past lecture slide presentations, which carry a lot of new information on the progress of scientific work at OBRL. Again, if you are new, check out our past YouTube videos and related favorites here:

3. An update on several of my new publications, both scientific articles and books. This one appears quite a favorite:
Click on the PDF symbol at that site for a full download copy of the article, easy to share.

4. New experimental findings from OBRL, notably the discovery of an increase in the UV spectral absorption of water which is charged up inside an orgone accumulator. This effect was tested out using new spectroscopical equipment and methods starting in mid-2011. Little has been made public on this as yet, so watch for more info in the forthcoming OBRL Newsletter.

5. An update on the incredible new and vicious smear attacks against Wilhelm Reich’s personal biography and research, as appearing in a new book and spate of copy-cat "review" articles repeating the lies and distortions contained within it, or amplifying upon them. In addition, a malicious set of new smears came out on UK television, around the same time. It appears to be an orchestrated attack on many levels. And it all comes at the very same time as important new findings in experimental orgonomy are being published, detailing important new and novel verifications of Reich’s orgone biophysical findings. Here’s one pre-publication review article you can download now, to get a sense of the problem:

6. And finally, a little bit of shameless promotion:

This Christmas season, if you are looking for a relatively economical gift for your friends, relatives and especially younger students in your circle, it is suggested to give them books. Specifically any of the important scientific works offered via the OBRL on-line bookstore, here:

My work Saharasia continues to stir up unrest among the politically corrected castrati, who act like barn-yard chickens gabbling their denial that anything exists outside the barn-yard. And the new 2010 edition of The Orgone Accumulator Handbook is quite a bit expanded over the older version. I’ve heard several in the FDA suffered heart-attacks upon reading it. You may want to get both for yourself, in addition as gifts, if you haven’t already. And of course, there’s always the original works of Reich, which lay the foundations for my own findings. Just about everything offered at our on-line bookstore website is guaranteed to separate out the sheeps from the goats, and to make life more interesting, healthy, alive and vital.

Mention this email when purchasing and we’ll knock off 5% of the total order. For those who live outside of the USA, we now have overseas distributors for our titles, so please firstly check on them by doing an author-name search at your favorite local on-line bookstore, as that can save you a lot on shipping costs from the USA.

Good books for critical times, and with a lasting value.

Until Later….

Kind regards from the Mountain Greensprings of Oregon,

James DeMeo, PhD
Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL)
Ashland, Oregon, USA

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