The OBRL Newsletter #24, December 2011

Once Again!

Announcing the OBRL Newsletter #24
December 2011

available for free downloading (0.5mb PDF)
from the following webpage:

or directly from here:

Season’s Greetings
Merry Christmas!
Happy Hannuka!
A Heart-Warming Solstice!
Happy New Year!

Anomalous Orgone-Blue Lumination in the Northern Greek Mountains
(Unretouched photograph of the ‘Valia Calda’ in the Pindos area, by G. Tzatzanis,1992. )
(See Item #1, first citation link, in the current OBRL Newsletter #25)

Wishing you every happiness this
Holiday Season, with
Joy and Prosperity in the New Year

James DeMeo
Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory
Natural Energy Works
Ashland, Oregon, USA


Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory, Inc.
A Non-Profit Science Research and Educational Foundation, Since 1978

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