March Lecture/Seminar in Munich


16-17 March 2012

Lecture and Seminar in Munich, Germany, on the subject of:

New Research Supporting
Wilhelm Reich’s Scientific Discoveries

During the period from the 1920s through the 1950s, Dr. Wilhelm Reich followed a path of scientific discovery which remains of vital importance to the modern world. Protégé of Sigmund Freud, therapeutic innovator, social reformer and anti-fascist freedom fighter, researcher into the bioelectric nature of emotion and sexuality, investigator of cancer biophysics and the origins of life, discoverer of a specific life energy, the controversial orgone, and inventor of the orgone energy accumulator, developer of an apparatus to trigger rains in droughty or desert regions – Reich’s findings attracted at least as much antipathy and irrational opposition as open inquiry. He was attacked with equal fury by the European Nazis and Communist Party, and later by American communists, psychiatrists and the US Food and Drug Administration; his books were banned and burned on both continents, and he died in prison. The popular mainstream media of Reich’s day spread vicious slander and defamation about him, leading to the alarming and unethical measures of censorship and book-burning. A widespread public misrepresentation of his work continues today. Factually, Reich’s findings have been repeatedly confirmed and validated by independent scientists and clinicians over the decades, with discoveries that threaten many modern-day theorems and protected enclaves within science and medicine.

Dr. James DeMeo is one of several American scientists who have personally made experimental investigations of Reich’s work since 1970, with positive proofs for many of Reich’s discoveries. He is author of many books and articles on the subject, to include Saharasia, The Orgone Accumulator Handbook, as editor of Heretic’s Notebook and On Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy, and co-editor of Nach Reich: Neue Forschungen zur Orgonomie. DeMeo will present one evening lecture and two half-day seminars on these subjects.

LECTURE: Wilhelm Reich’s Science: A Fresh Look
(Or, Why Book-Burning is a Bad Idea)
16 March 2012, Friday, 19:30 uhr to 22:00 uhr

SEMINAR: IN TWO PARTS, on 17 March 2012, Saturday

I – Wilhelm Reich’s Sex-Economic Findings, as verified by
James DeMeo’s global cross-cultural study, Saharasia
17 March 2012, Saturday, 10:00 uhr to 13:00 uhr

II – New Research Findings Supporting Wilhelm Reich’s
Clinical-Biological & Physical Science Discoveries
17 March 2012, Saturday, 15:00 uhr to 18:00 uhr

WHERE: At a facility to be announced in Munich, Germany.

COST: Lecture 10 Euro – Seminars 60 Euro – (half price for students with ID card)

All presentations will be in the English language.

Contact in Munich:
Klaus Heimann, Dipl. Päd.
Reichenbachstr. 26
80469 München

James DeMeo formally studied the Earth, atmospheric, and environmental/social sciences at Florida International University and the University of Kansas, where he earned his Ph.D. in 1986. At KU, he openly undertook graduate-level natural scientific research specifically focused upon Wilhelm Reich’s controversial discoveries, subjecting those ideas to rigorous testing with positive verification of the original findings. DeMeo has undertaken field research in the arid American Southwest, Egypt, Israel, sub-Saharan Eritrea, and Namibia, Africa. DeMeo served on the Faculty of Geography at Illinois State University and the University of Miami. Aside from his research in orgonomy, DeMeo is known for his work on renewable energy systems (solar and wind power), historical and theoretical work on modern science controversies such as the issue of the cosmic ether-drift, the presence of an early peaceful period in human prehistory, and pre-Columbian contacts in the New World. He is a member of the Society for Scientific Exploration, Arid Lands Society, AAAS, Natural Philosophy Alliance, and International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine. He is Director of the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL), which he founded in 1978, and which is today located at a high-altitude research facility in the Siskiyou Mountains near to Ashland, Oregon.

A printable flyer for this event is also posted here:

For a full list of James DeMeo’s publications, see here:

For downloadable copies of the OBRL Newsletter, see here:

Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory
Ashland, Oregon, USA

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