New Slander from an Old Emotional Pest

Most recently I posted out an announcement of my forthcoming lecture and seminar in Munich Germany, scheduled for 16-17 March. A flyer announcing that event was circulated, which is still available and can be downloaded from here:

Almost before the electrons had dissipated from the computer screens, Mr. Joel Carlinsky, a well-known troublemaker and emotional pest in the USA, began writing rants against myself and this event. He recruited several persons to help spread his poison, including a Mr. Petros Evdokas of Cyprus. They posted up a strange article to a German communist website wherein I was finger-pointed as a "neo-Nazi" as well as other unflattering things, but which I will not dignify by repeating here nor giving out the weblink. My response as posted to that website, however, is given below.

The Munich event will proceed as usual, and we hope all people of good-will with legitimate interests in Wilhelm Reich’s important discoveries will plan to attend.

In good will,

James DeMeo, PhD


Joel Carlinsky, Agent Provacateur and Liar

James DeMeo 12.01.2012 – 06:51

Assuming anybody wastes time to read Mr. Carlinsky’s lies, as the target of his abuse, I should like to say the following:

1. I’m a life-long political moderate and old-fashioned liberal who loathes the Nazis and everything they stand for. One could search my writings forever and never find one sentence that even remotely supports them, much less directly so. My websites, for the curious, are here:

2. I am known in the USA as a supporter and scientific investigator of the writings and research of the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich, whom all educated people in Germany, especially those from the left, will know as having also been an anti-Nazi freedom fighter, who fled to the USA to escape European fascism. He wrote the important books "Mass Psychology of Fascism", "People in Trouble", "The Sexual Revolution", and so on. My own major book, "Saharasia" (you can get it from, is formulated in a similar direction, but with a global cross-cultural evaluation. It is decidedly pro-freedom, pro-woman, and pro-sexuality, and since it covers pre-historical and historical events prior to 1900, it does not deal with the Nazi fascists. Read it to learn more.

3. Mr. Carlinsky, meanwhile, has a long history of attacking and denigrating the work and person of Wilhelm Reich, and of myself especially. He appears to have some mental condition, a fixation about Reich which drives him to alternatively attack Reich and every scholar or scientist who takes Reich’s work seriously, and then to misportray himself as a big supporter of Reich. He was imprisoned for burglary of the Wilhelm Reich Museum years ago, and made threats to burglarize the homes of people supporting Reich’s work, or to kill them. He also has working relations with members of the American "skeptics clubs" who make war against every new idea, especially against natural healing methods, and so Carlinsky is basically supporting the same people who threw Reich into prison and burned his books in the USA. A full exposition of his angry and disruptive actions can be found here:

Open Letter on Joel Carlinsky and the Organized "Skeptics" War Against American Orgonomy

Toxic Disinformation: Joel Carlinsky, CSICOP and Orgonomy

That is all I care to say about this creepy character, except to say also that his associates who try to hide themselves, such as Mr. Petros Evdokas of Cyprus who posted up this trashy slander and defamation for Mr. Carlinsky, are well known to us and will also be publicly exposed.

James DeMeo, PhD


UPDATE 12 Jan.

Just for the record, here is an article I wrote years ago, back in 1993 in fact.
BOOK REVIEW: Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth & Memory, by Deborah Lipstadt Free Press, NY, 1993. Reviewed by James DeMeo

2 Responses to “New Slander from an Old Emotional Pest”

  1. Chris Kolovos Says:

    Dear Dr. DeMeo this is a bit of a tottaly disgusting and long history of slander and open hatred toward Orgonomy from these same sick persons. Look at this:
    Moreover, if you don’t know, Petros Evdokas is a wellknown pestilent character that promotes homosexuality, drugs use (he ‘s arguing that marihuana is a tottaly harmless substence), communism etc. with frequent references to W.Reich (no surprise when he uses at the same time the most pestilent articles about Reich!). Look at this:
    May have a nice trip.

  2. obrlnews Says:

    Thanks for your response and info, C.K., which is validated by the following:

    No surprise, that the people with the most disturbed sexuality and life situations are leading the attacks against Reich, and anything or anyone which dares to try and support his original positions.


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